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sleeping - Rip Van Winkle style!


has started again!!
Came home at 6.15 last night after DD swimming lesson. DH was cooking tea. I told him I felt utterly lousy, in that I was just soooo tired, so he suggested a 10 minute lie down whilst they all ate their tea.

Off I went and the next thing I knew it was 11.30pm!!!!:eek: I got up for a cuppa, went straight back to bed, and then slept until 6 this morning!

The thing is, I still feel sooooo tired! I could honestly do it again tonight. I just wonder, well a teesny bit of me wonders if...... (nervous about saying this now....) could CD be to blame??

I am still at least 2.5 stone above my ideal weight, so I am ok to diet, I am just exhausted. I seem to be very quick to tears too, which is odd. I almost feel permanently hormonal, like PMS every day!! Now that really isnt fun!

Any ideas girls?
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Staying on plan!
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No help you what so ever hun, but i feel exactly the same today, and had a 3 hour "nap" yeterday too!! lol
Would be nice to know whether its CD or not??


has started again!!
maybe ur pregnant??!!??

bloomin' heck.... thats scary!! Nope, highly unlikely!!! You need to do thingy for that, & I just dont have those urges when on CD!!! (sorry. TMI!)

or maybe ur just overdoing it huney and ur body needs a wee break...

Thanks for this!! Made me smile!!!


Staying on plan!
S: 16st9lb C: 16st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 0st7lb(3%)


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I don't know if it would be the CD, as I seem to have loads more energy than usual when I'm in ketosis. Perhaps one of the CDCs will have some advice soon. :)


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i'm sleepy and hormonal too, but i'm only on day 2 so that's to be expected. i would be interested to know the long term effects though...

abz xx
since ive been on cd some days i feel really tired. and if i have been quite busy like out and about up v early i will sleep in the afternoon for a while


determined to be thin!
Hiya, just wanted to confirm that cd has affected me in the same way. I work PT at the moment, and spent all of the morning in bed, even though I was going to sleep at 10pm.
About week 8 things started to get better and now I feel more human, not loads of energy, but enough not to be a freak.
Loads of people on here talk about the energy they get from being on CD, but I dont know......
I think it's an up and down thing - one minute i'm full of beans and the next i could sleep for days!

I've found that my sleep is deeper too - i've been sleeping later and not waking at alarm etc. I'm yawning now just thinking about it! Take me back to bed i don't wanna be at worrrkkkk! :sigh:


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i went back to bed at 9 this morning and only just woke up!! i can't believe i slept half the day away. and i could sleep again now if i hadn't leapt out of bed (well, i kind of crawled actually, ha).

abz xx

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