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** Slender Saturday Hour by Hour***

good morning all! Thought I would go ahead and start a Saturday thread. It is cloudy and overcast here in London but heating up.

I have to go to Topps Tiles this morning to pick out the tiles for my kitchen. The refit begins on Monday and I still can not make up my mind. Basically having a panic about making the wrong choice and then the whole thing looking rubbish.

Also, came on yesterday so overly emotional!

After the tile place I have to go to Curry's for a cooker hood. Then back home and will post some stuff on ebay.

Loads of stuff I haven't touched in years that I could get some dosh from to put towards bills and such.

Had my porridge coffee and water. Don't forget to drink loads today
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morning Quizzicalgrrl. Good luck with the tiles! Starting to pamper myself, just about to do my nails and stuff. Getting myself ready for tonight! Going to metro tonight to see dj ez! (Im a big garage fan!). Im loving going out and being sober! I thought i would hate it as i have always been drinking when going out. I thought i wouldn't feel confident and wouldn't dance, but after about 10 minutes i realized that no one is paying any attention to what im doing and it doesn't matter! Good morning to everyone else. Keep glugging that water!! I can't wait to go out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x x


Enjoyin' my journey....
Hi folks - I've had a busy, happy morning so far - all domestic and nothing too exciting. Off to Next to get some joggers, then JJB's for some new trainers, then Boots for some bath oils, new makeup and generally pamper myself products. My other half wants to go to B&Q for some drainpipe!! Feeling good and the weather is cloudy/sunny so the dogs should get a good tramp around Hurcott Woods this afternoon all being well. 'njoy your weekend.


please try again
hey everyone, hope your all having a good one
well im up, always a start lol
nothing going on for me this weekend so i shall spend the time straightening the house
just having my first shake and ive had 1.5l water so far
I'm having a relaxed/lazy day at the moment.
Playing poker online so hopefully I'll win some money!

Not hungry yet and still haven't had my first shake.
Hope it's a good day.


Restart 3/9/2013
Hey guys

Restart day for me here after about 8 months break...needless to say i have regained it all and then some!!!

Anyway, today going well so far. Had 1 1/2 litres of water plus a couple of cups of tea. Havent had a shake yet but think I will have my first one shortly.

Hate the first couple of days of being on CD, but I am going to get through it this time because I know it is worth it!!!! The big difference for me this time is that my Boyfriend is starting CD today too! He doesnt have quite as much to lose as me ("just" 5 stone) but he has decided to give CD a try to shift that weight once and for all as nothing else is working for him. So we are going to do this together!


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Hi all.

Sorry to bring negativity to the thread but Ive had a crappy day today. completely binged and feel rubbish for it, I hate to think how much money Im wasting by not giving this my all.

Anyway, tomorrows a new day.
Hi all.

Sorry to bring negativity to the thread but Ive had a crappy day today. completely binged and feel rubbish for it, I hate to think how much money Im wasting by not giving this my all.

Anyway, tomorrows a new day.
Tomorrow is a new day but there's still loads of time today to get back on track.
Dont wait til tomorrow, cut your losses and move on.

Hope the evening goes well for you.
Hi everyone. Well I am knackered. Went back to dance classes this morning after having 3 weeks off. Was starving when I finished and had to go buy a cooked chicken portion and a bag of lettuce or I would not have made it home!

I then came home and had a soak in the bath. I then thought I might go to sleep but instead I got myself ready and went back out. It's my DD's birthday next week so I went to buy her a couple of outfits. I also bought myself size 12 trousers, a size 14 short, fitted suit jacket and a dress. Yes a DRESS! I don't usually do dresses. Years of not getting anything to fit conditions you and you just give up. Anyway I bought the dress in a 14. It has an elasticated waist and will still fit me when I lose more weight so I think it was a good buy.

I then got stuck in the football traffic in Wolverhampton. (I could have picked a better day to go but was spur of the moment as I hadn't got DD with me!) I am now home and really AM knackered. Got to make DD's tea and have some water and my soup now I think.


please try again
angela, dont worry, put it behind you, tomorrows a new day

someone please shoot me ( or maybe him ) hes trying to watch the tv and cook so has both the living room and kitchen door open and hes frying chicken! to be honest the smell is making me quesy
I am still doing good. Bearing in mind its day 1 and t'other half is also doing I don't really have any excuses! However I am feeling good - had a tetra at 2pm, choc mint at 5pm and just had an apple and cinnamon porridge - WOOOOOOOO how yummy is that??? I hadnt tried the a and c porridge before and its delicious!

Managed 2 1/2 litres ish of water, plus 3 big cuppas. I think I might just have survived day one :D
Hello all

I had a good day out at Hever Castle, accompanied by sparkling and still water, black coffee and one sachet.
My friends kindly didn't eat much in front of me, but generally I am feeling quite motivated towards doing well at my next weigh-in.

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