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Slendertone, 18th and Turkey!


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i am bloody aching today!! but loving it! I have got to turn over the grass in my front garden this morning and lay down a membrane so my plum slate chippings can be laid after my turkey holiday...so lovely exercise there for my already aching thighs!!!


Next friday is my daughters 18th do [she is actually 18 on tuesday 29th july], i will be busy busy busy, hair and nails being done, waxed to within an inch of my life, cake to pick up and take to venue - lots of food, mafiss cake, all the family there [all are very supportive though], i will be in my size 14 dress and my killer heels - sipping my shake :D and feeling as smug as a smug thing in smugville!!!


Welllll it is between 36 and 42 degrees there at the min :eek: so water water water all the way!!!! I go to Turkey the day after my daughter's 18th soooooooo the friday will also include last minute packing :sigh:

I have pre-ordered 3 weeks of shakes from my chemist - i go on holiday on sat 2nd and get back sat 16th and wont get weighed till the following friday the 22nd :cool: so hopefully i will see a good chunk of weight gone!!! i am so excited!! If i can get through a fortnight with a bunch of gluttony pishheads then i can do anything!! :D

just thought i would share ;)
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I cant believe you have an 18 year old daughter... you look soo young in your picture...

You sound so happy, active and positive... I am sure you are going to enjoy all that is coming up! xxx


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Next friday is my daughters 18th do..lots of food... all the family there [all are very supportive though], i will be in my size 14 dress and my killer heels - sipping my shake :D and feeling as smug as a smug thing in smugville!!!.....


hahahaha, I'm liking the smug bit -yup, that's exactly how I feel when all around me are stuffing their faces and I'd love to have a bite, but I sit there drinking shake or water -feeling the paragon of virtue!!!!

Wow Lisa, enjoy that holiday, and happy birthday to your daughter! Remember you CAN 1,000% stick to your shakes on holiday. I did and I was in a 40 degrees C country. Even on the plane you can (and will!) graciously pass your tray on to your family or friends, and glug down some more water or tea. I tell you, when you get back you'll feel twice as good -having enjoyed your holiday, not broken your diet, and lost weight -wayhay!!


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good for you lisa, i bet you come back off holiday a size 12!!!

you are doing do well planning to stay on tfr while on holiday! good luck and have fun at the party!


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i soooo am gonna stick to it!!! i love this diet - i love the energy i have, i love me too!!!! :p

well the garden is done - i am knacked but feel so alive - thats the hard work taken care of - just the laundry and the cleaning and shet to do today - my man is on nights tonight so i will get loads of phone calls throughout the night - he misses me - ahhhhhh bless..... creep ;) lmao

I would so love to be in a size 12 when i get back from my hols - how good would that be!!! bring it onnnnnnnnnnnnnn

my goal is now 8st 13lb before refeed - hope to lose a few more lbs doing refeed so final goal is now 8st 7lb [ish] - dunno why i just added that to this thread but - there ya have it lol :D
Wow, best of luck with the party and turkey, you will look fabulous!! Make sure to buy lots of nice things for yourself over there with all the money you are saving with not eating and drinking!! You will be delighted at your weigh in on your return!


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how tall are you lisa? my target is around the same as yours, initially to get below 9st, then settle around 8 1/2 stone. i'm 5'3" ish (i think i am 5'2" but pharm measured me at 5'4" so i thought i'd go half way!)

we could have a bit of healthy competition! like julz and nic ;) i have a similar amount to lose (42 lbs ish) but losing slower as i have underactive thyroid too (any excuse!!)

it might get me to exersice more if we challenge each other :D

I am also in a size 14, but only just! with rather large muffin at the top... very sexy looking, i chase keith singing the bellys gonna get ya, and yup, he legs it!

well done on the chores, i'm knackard after just shopping (i go with OH just to 'coo' the food! just looking at it and knowing it is still there, waiting for me! lol)

dont know if its the diet that gets me tired still - or the fibromyalgia thats causing it!


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hiya msblonde!!! i am 5ft 2" and another thing we have in common is my fella is called keith too!!!

healthy competition is all good hun - bring it onnnnnnnnnnnnnn

lmao :D


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ooooh goodie, just off to power walk the dog! :chores016:

so today is sat 26th july, (WI day tomorrow for me) so by the 26th August we will have to see who has lost the most :D on my home scales i am 11st 7.5 lbs and 40% body fat :eek: (it has dropped 2% since starting LT)

ooooh i'm all newly motivated again now! :D:D


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i am away for a fortnight but will try to get on here when i can to give u a jolt missy!!! lol

26th of August it is - we have a date ;)

i get weighed on the 22nd sooooooo i will know what i have lost before ya ner ner ne ner ner :D

hehehe i am so lovin this!!!


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oooo that will be my first weigh in after my hols too :O

eekified reaction lol :D


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lmao! hehehe make sure there is no cheating on that holiday of yours!:eatdrink023:

or else... :whoopass:

i'll win! :D
Lisa you are a star to get through a party and holiday sticking to LT. Well done to you.

Good luck to you and Helen with your race to skinniness!!!


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