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Slight annoyance...


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As the thread says really - I'm slightly take aback and a bit annoyed at HB. Must speak to him this weekend about it, but want to approach it properly. I thought I would ask you lovely people for advise as you may have been in a similar situation. My DHB (who has supported me throughout this diet btw) has been hinting that he thinks I need to move up the steps now (I'm still 15stone ffs!!!) He thinks I am loosing it too quickly now and it may be wise to loose it slower to help my skin 'catch up' more easily. Now I really didn't plan on moving up the steps until I was at least 12.5 stone - My goal is 11 stone, and I thought I would loose the last 1.5/2 stone whilst moving up the steps. Is this a wise choice I made originally? I really want to stick with what I have 'decided' from the start. How can I approach this without upsetting or annoying DHB because I disagree with what he thinks? Who said marriage was easy!!!! lol Hugs x x x
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Hi emmapetty - what plan are you on? I'm on SS + 200 calorie meal, which might be good compromise if you are only on SS. Very limited carb intake with this one, so you should stay in ketosis. Why not step up for one week, then back down. I'm a newbie, but I can envisage getting carried away with great weight loss and end up mixing up what feels really good for what is good with me long term. That said, we all know our own bodies, how we feel and satisfying the psychological side of dieting is important too.

Sorry to have given only random thoughts rather than an answer - as you can see I empathise with your dilemma rather than attempting to answer it! Regards, Tracey


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Lol I agree marriage aint easy! I would stick to your original plans and tell him that the skin will catch up eventually if it doesnt shrink straight away, but from personal experience and what I have seen on here, skin does shrink with the weight so there is nothing for him to worry about! Is it definitly what is bothering him or is it the weight loss in general? Might be that its hard for him getting used to your constant changing of shape? My hubby found it strange that it happened so quickly but he was happy with it and let me go with what I thought with regards to moving up the plans, maybe its your hubbys way of trying to support you and also wanting to share a meal with you? My hubby found it hard eating alone, could this be his problem?

Hope you sort him out hun xx

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Hi Emmapetty,

He is probably a bit anxious after seeing you lose weight so quickly. He may be feeling a bit insecure? Not sure as i don't know him.

What I would say is talk to your CDC about this issue as they will be able to talk to you about whether you are losing weight too quickly.

I can't advise you but what I would say is if it was me, I would want to lose it as quickly as I could. In all things you should do what YOU want to do and what feels good for YOU.

Good luck with it and well done for your fantastic WL so far!!!


Going for Goal!
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Thanks for your replies :) He has been saying over the past month that my shape is changing and I am starting to get a figure. I'm not sure that he is feeling insecure about my weighloss, or wanting to eat meals with me. I'll be honest it's me that has been moaning about my stomach being getting a bit 'wrinkly' looking (I was just asking his opinion and ensuring it wasn't noticable through my clothes!) That was when he first mentioned it, and I kind of pushed it off. But he has mentioned it twice since then. I'm determind to stick to sole sorce straight through to 12.5 stone though, so i'll just have to explain in a better way to HB and hope he agrees!!! ha! Hugs x x x


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Hi hon, just use the arguement of the dangers of having a high BMI, I'm sure we and any OH's would rather we had wrinkly tums than were at risk with our health :D:D:D xx


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Hmmm.... the skin thing seems, on the face of it, like a reasonable worry, for him at least. However I think that he may be alarmed at the incredible changes that Cambridge has made for you in the past 3 months.... The physical ones are easily seen, but, my guess is that you are growing in confidence with every lb/ inch that disappears, and that you are changing. Nobody likes change.... for better or worse we all prefer the status quo, because it's predictable and we know where we stand with it.
Be gentle with him, remember he may feel like he's losing his wife right now... she's disappearing, literally and metaphorically right before his eyes and at a terrifyingly rapid rate......
He's not asking you to give it up, he's asking for a breather, not for you but for himself so that he can catch up with the NEW you!
Maybe you could ask him what he thinks about your weight loss to date? Or you could try a more subtle line... grab a lingerie brochure and ask him what he'd like to see you wearing, now that you've lost this weight and then point to what you can see yourself in when you're at target??;) men are visual creatures!

ON the Skin note:

Are you younger than 25? If so then you have a greater chance of your skin 'shrinking to fit' as it were. However the skins' ability to do this depletes with age. I can tell you now, that it's taken me 2 years to lose the 6 stones I have (slow huh!?) and I still have excess skin, I have to face up to the fact that, as I'm fair with pale skin, that has a multitude of stretch marks.... it is NEVER going to go unless I have it removed surgically (something I will be doing once I've maintained target weight for 12 months!) :rolleyes: I'm only 40... my tummy looks like it's 95!!!!

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