Slight Dilemma


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Hey guys, on day 4 of second go and doing alot better than anticipated :) so quite happy. But, and here's my dilemma, I have to go for a family dinner on the 12th for my sisters 20th. I've not told my family I'm doing LT again as they disliked it the first time i did it and would be pretty mad if they knew I was doing it again, so i have to eat. Plus I cant get out of the dinner as I have, unfortunately, missed my sisters last 2 BDay dinners.

Does anyone have any tips? Has anyone been in a similar situation before?
All help greatly appreciated :)
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yes, drink water and only eat meat and you will be fine...

no carbs.....


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desert may knock you out of ketosis which will leave you back at square one so i wouldnt

Just say your full!!!!!!


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I shall have to be sneaky so...... What about dessert? I'm big on dessert and they'll get suspicious if i refuse it.... tho I supose I could fake illness....

You could pretend to be really looking forward to the meal and tell your family and sister so, so they are not suspicious. Then do as newlifenow suggests about water and protein and then when it comes to ordering dessert you could fake a stomach ache and blame it on the main course...and come over all good are your acting skills?


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Pretend you are feeling unwell. That way, you can pick at your meal and no one will notice the difference. Say you have an upset stomach or that you must have eaten something dodgy the night before.......

DONT CHEAT WITH A DESSERT!!!! Pleeeeaaassseee!!!!

Let us know how you get on!! I will then use your trick myself at the end of the month for my friend's birthday dinner!! LOL!


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Personally I would just tell your family. Surely they are going to find out at some point with all the quick weightloss! I know it will be hard at first and you'll get a lot of flack, but at the end of the day you are doing something for yourself and something to be proud of. So let them like it or lump it!


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Is it all diets they would be mad with or just lipotrim?
if its just the LT then tell them your doing aitkins so you can't eat any carbs and just eat meats.
Failing that i agree with chele80 it's not really up to your family to have an opinion on you trying to lose weight as your an adult and you can choose whatever you want to do with your life, they'll get over it.
Go for it girl, don't let anything hold you back.


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S: 226lb C: 187lb G: 170lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 39lb(17.26%)
I'll do my utmost to skip dessert, faking sickness seems the best :)

I cant tell em Chele80. my mam and sis think I'm gonna go anorexic ya see and if i tell them im on the diet again they'll think i have. I'm fricking 13 and a half stone, overweight and 2 stone from a healthy weight. i know that once i hit my goal weight I'll maintain it and it will all be dandy but without fast results ill just give up. they dont seem to understand this and think I'm addicted to LT, even tho i've only done it once before.... so while I would love to tell them and have their support I know I'm not gonna get it, only added stress as the nag me to quit.
I live with my sister but we work odd hours so we rarely see each other. she knows I stepping up my gyming and watching wat I eat so I'm hoping that will account for the weight loss, plus work 7 days a week. thats enough to make anyone lose weight....

Tis all "fad" diets. they say healthy eating and exercise is all i should need. i agree with that, but only to maitain and lose small amounts of weight


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stay away from the desserts faking illnes tell fibs whatever do not eat the pudding I do understand when you say the family dont understand

all the best

XX sharron

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They will guess. could you not have a really small one, store it in your mouth and run to the loo and spit it out? haha. All the best, maybe just be as strong as you can abd olay it by ear!XX