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S: 11st4lb G: 8st4lb

Schedules are the secret to success with everything in life.

If you want success you need to take action, and you gotta schedule the action.

You need to find the self discipline to do what it takes even when you dont feel like it, whether you want to be great at LT, go to the gym, pass an exam, have a good relationship, etc. etc... :)

Promise yourslef you will have a shake in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

Promise yourself you will drink 2 litres of water by the afternoon and 2 litres of water before bedtime.

Keep your promises to yourself, and you will have success!

If you have trouble remembering then use the calendar on your mobile phone to set daily reminders.

Good luck with establishing your new habits



soon to be minnie mouse
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yes work out times for each shake and try to stick to them.
water is also the key to losing weight the more you drink the more you lose,
think of it this way do it 100% and the end will be in sight much quicker
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Bit Worried..... Day 2 On Lt. Just Dont Feel Like Drinking. Had My 1st Shake At 2:30 Pm Today And Only 2 Glass Of Water So Far. Need Help. What Can I Do So That I Can Drink The Required Amount And Finish My Shakes. Dont Think Ill Be Loosin Weight Like This. Any Suggestions???
Hi hon

This is my second day too and I have set myself up with a little schedule to try and make it easier for me, this is what is working for me so far:

first shake at 10am, I have 1/2 litre water before the shake and 1/2 litre after the shake

second shake 3pm, again 1/2 litre before and after

third shake 8pm, you guessed it 1/2 litre before and 1/2 after

I then have my 1 litre bottle of sipping water knocking around wherever I am and just take a tug on it every now and then.

It's only day two but it seems to be working for me so far, do whatever works for you but get a system in place, like mini targets.

Maybe we should have a daily water ticker lol.

Sammylou x
S: 11st4lb G: 8st4lb

Thanx Guys... Ur Right Julzie... Need A Schedule In Place. Might Try What You Do Sammy... Mini Targets Might Work Better For Me.
Cool! Work on mini targets... and get your schedule in place and stick to it. You will be great and the weight will drop off you!!!

Look at the water and shakes as fat dissolvers! xox
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At first I just about managed 2 litres a day but now I'm up to about 4 litres. I set myself little targets. I'll have drunk my first litre by 10am, second by about 1pm then just drink when I want the rest of the day. I try to not have too much water after 8 or 9 otherwise I'm up half the night on the loo! I have my water in a 500ml bottle so I just count bottlefuls, I usually lose count after 6!!
My memory is awful!!!



Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
The earlier you start with water the more chance you have of drinking more than 2 ltrs... have your first glass when you get up (helps with dog breath too) and you will find you will have drunk 4 pints before you know it and will be near 10 pints before bed

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