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Slim by 25- fingers crossed

Ok so decided to start a diary to keep me motivated
I started slimming world 2 weeks ago, just on my own at home, I don't go to group, can't really afford to.
I started at 13st 3lb and am currently 12st 11lb so yay me lol
Haven't found it too bad so far, mainly just hard not using sauces and restricting my gravy, love my gravy lol. I'm really hoping to get around 11st but realistically I'm trying for another baby so if I can get down to 12 before then I would be over the moon, just depends on when nature sends my little bundle. I plan to carry on if and when I get pregnant but not to lose weight just to maintain, and I know I'll be better off coz I eat healthier now.
This is why considering hopefully I will become pregnant I want to be at 11st by the time I'm 25 (I'm 23 next month), just want to look and feel fab for the second half of my 20's- so fingers crossed :)
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Ok so extremely bad weekend, husband bought Kfc and chocolate fit tea Saturday and then we went over his parents last night where we had pizza ( I'm sure he's trying to sabotage me)
But not gonna let it stop me, may have been the kick I need, as although I only managed to gain 1 pound for my sins, I feel exhausted today, just having general lack of energy, gonna keep this feeling in mind next time he trys to make me stray.
Mmm I'd kill for KFC lol

Well done on your loss so far. Compared to the point I've always started from (min 15st) you have a lot less to lose and therefore it's harder.

Don't beat yourself up over slip ups :)

Thanks miss chunks
I'm not overly worried iv still managed to lose a pound so far this week so 12st 10 now
I weighed 15 stone after my daughter was born nearly 2 years ago and gradually got down using SW then, but seemed to stop losing as soon as I had an implant put in, had it out now so trying again.
I do keep craving chicken though lol x
O dear lots of sweets today, should really stay away from my parents
Plan on having a roast for tea but just gonna have to miss the puddings and gravy :(
Had a family party in a Greek restaurant the weekend, so not expecting a loss this week, feeling very tired all the time at the moment as well so really craving sweets a lot.
Trying to get my dad to start diet with me as he is over 19st, gives me a little more motivation as it gives me someone to compete against as well as cementing my knowledge by explaining things to him.
Hoping I'm gonna get a bit happier over the next few days to push me to keep going x
Ok so found out why I'm so tired, got a positive pregnancy test just now yay.
Not 100% sure how I carry on or what extra I get so will have to look it up x
Thanks guys, had a pot of ice cream to celebrate last night and really regretted it, was so bloated afterwards and felt uncomfortable all night
Convinced I want to carry on with diet though, not to lose weight but just minimize gain as I'm already 3 stone over weight x
Sitting waiting for hubby to come home from work so I can get some tea, gone through a punnet of strawberries and a bag if satsumas waiting lol x
Not doin great at the moment, only half following the plan, just feeling extremely tired, pregnancy seems to have hit me harder this time round. Hoping to start afresh in the morning and get back on it. Wish me luck x
Put on half a pound this week, but frankly impressed with that, had a week off for exhaustion and had 2 giant pizzas and kfc , so think I got away very lightly x
Been playing badminton today for about 3 hours and feeling pretty good, will check with the doctor when I go if it's ok to carry on x


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Ok so neglected my own diary lol
Now 33 weeks pregnant and doing dismally. I weigh 14st 8 now :(
But o well, not been following plan at all, so disappointed in myself, not sure if it's too late to start again
Ok so my daughter is 2 weeks old now, so no more excuses. Back on plan as of today, may be more flexible with my syns to start with to ease myself in, plus I'm breastfeeding so don't want to hurt my supply by dramatically changing my diet.
Weighed myself last week, but can't remember what I was, I think it was 13st 8, will weigh myself again this week and make a note.
Not sure what to do for breakfast as there isn't much in the house, so far just had a kiwi, will try sort myself out better when iv sorted the kids out. Wondering when I can start exercising again though? X

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