Slim for Spring, Sexy for Summer!


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Hi Guys and Gals. I've been more than slightly off course since starting RTM in mid Dec and Christmas (all those parties, the last one was last Saturday), but I'm back!!!:) Weighing more than goal, but back and ready to lose those few extra pounds before they become a real problem.

So the new motto to keep myself in check is "slim for spring, sexy for summer".

Soon the shops will be full of fabulous summer clothes and for the first time in ages I will be able to wear them. :D Who knows, maybe even some swimwear and a holiday in the sun this year.:cool: In true getting your life in order style, I've even started saving £s.

I hope all you September Starters are all doing well and on track. I need to get my books out and redo some of my homework i think. :sign0007:
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you have done so well im sure you are going to be in the swim suit in no time.

For me i cant wait to go on holiday and not have to suck the gut in walking past people lol now i can strut around like a skinny person :)


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Hiya RaeB! Nice to see you back! I too have had a shocking time since Chistmas Break. I am not hanging myself just yet though. Found that the time spend staying within the same 2lb bracket has really done wonders for my body! I think maybe it needed a break to recalculate where it was at and so I might not have lost much weight since before Christmas but I have sure as hell lost inches!! So much so, I am donning the swimsuit tonight to return to swimming EEK!

I have to say that "Slim for Spring, Sexy for Summer" really struck a chord with me. I may have to steal it from you!

Well done for getting back on it. It's so easy to spiral out of control. Trust me. I know! Here's to Sexy Summer September Starters!!!

B x