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  1. amanda j94

    amanda j94 Member

    Heyy - newbie here

    Sorry really took a while to figure out this website - this post may be under a number of different threads/blogs/posts (i'm awful with technology!)
    I NEED to shred some of this xmas weight (and of course the weight i accumulated in the months before that) as I reached 11 stone 6! I am 5 ft 2 and, knowing my body, this is just a crazy weight for me and sends my BMI into nearly 30 (obese) - not the one for a 20 year old girl!

    Anyway I have done 1 week of the atkins induction (with one cheat day when i went out and had vodkas) and lost 6.5lb!!! Couldn't believe it! I've never heard of a diet letting you lose so much weight before! Already hit my 1st goal of getting in the 10 stones and am hoping next Monday i can hit 10 stone 10 which would be 3.5 lbs this week. Normally i would be wary of setting such a high target but as of last weeks success I am going to risk it and i just will definitely NOT cheat this week.

    Its the 1st time I've done this type of diet and so I'm totally open to tips and - as always - encouragement! I think this kind of diet often gives people tight lips and judgey "that's not healthy" expressions so I really don't get a lot of support round here. Will keep updating every weight loss - assuming anyone wants to read my schenangans - and will try to give advice on things i found useful/not useful as the weeks go on. Anyway 1 week down, 13 to go...10 st 10 here i come!
    Amanda xxxx
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  3. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Hi and welcome:)
    Well done on your first week loss - that's great! Unfortunately it will slow down now as that was mostly water - but dont get despondent. Atkins works really well and you will lose - it just wont be linear!

    If you haven't already then look at the stickies thinking of starting atkins and cheating on atkins. Good news is that enjoying food, cooking and eating plenty is what it's all about. Bad news is cheating can completely derail you (might get away with booze; very unlikely to get away with carbs or sugar:eek: )

    Good luck
  4. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Hi Amanda and welcome

    Well done on week one, you are off to a great start - but as Katie says, have a good read of the stickies (the threads on the previous page) - there's lots of advice there on starting Atkins, shopping tips and recipes.
  5. Breoghie

    Breoghie Member

    Best of luck for week 2, I'm going into my second week too, here's to a great week :)
  6. coffeelover

    coffeelover Gold Member

    Welcome Amanda, great first week. :)
  7. amanda j94

    amanda j94 Member

    Thank you! Indeed Indeed here's to a good second week - you lost 8lbs in your 1st week?!?! Great effort girl! Although are you finding its true what they say about the bad breath...? Yikes
  8. amanda j94

    amanda j94 Member

    Susie and Kat1e -
    Thank you so much for pointing me in the direction of those 'stickies' - so helpful (as I am totally a '1 can't hurt' kinda gal) from now on i will be on the ultimate strict!
    Amanda xx
  9. amanda j94

    amanda j94 Member

    How much milk are you allowed on Atkins? I live for my coffees and teas but have been wary of them as I'm unsure as to the rules? xxx
  10. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    No milk! Use double cream instead (not so great in tea though!!)

    P x
  11. Sam_Dodd

    Sam_Dodd Silver Member

    Hi and good luck!
  12. amanda j94

    amanda j94 Member

    Thanks Pauline - close one!
  13. amanda j94

    amanda j94 Member

    And thanks Sam :) Am trying my best!
    Couldn't help but sneak peak at the scales and I'm defo losing slower this week - only half a lb down in 3 days *sigh* but never mind! Half an lb is half an lb plus its SO much easier this week than last - and have got another 12 weeks to go after this week to lose the 20 lbs I set myself (but honestly I'd be chuffed with 12lbs which is a pound a week which is roughly the current pace) so no worries, I'll keep chipping away. Weigh in Monday morning...I'm totally impatient for it!
    Amanda xxx
  14. LVLLM

    LVLLM Gold Member

    Well done and welcome. Dont lose faith keep going you Cant lose at that rate forever especially when you don't have that much to lose!
  15. amanda j94

    amanda j94 Member

    Thanks thanks - I have been finding keeping up with the water tough - need to pee 24/7 its so embarrassing! Yummy yummy steak for dinner though so I'm not complaining really - easiest diet I've ever been on! xxx
  16. amanda j94

    amanda j94 Member

    arghh today's been tough! Been good in terms of what I ate but think I've had about 300000 calories today! Thinking i really want to go out and have a couple of drinks - any advice on what to drink? I have weigh in on Monday so a good couple of days to recover...will anything not take me out of ketosis?
  17. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Alcohol is a tough one, Amanda. White spirits and diet mixers are usually the best - on paper - because they have no carbs - but the body switches from burning fat to burning the alcohol off (as I understand it), so it slows you down.

    Having said that, we've all been known to bathe in the stuff from time to time :)

    Re milk - I don't have tolerance for double cream, so I use unsweetened soya milk, it's much lower than cows milk (and cream, for that matter).
  18. amanda j94

    amanda j94 Member

    Thanks for the advice about the milk! Yay i can have tea again!!
    Okay confession time: going out and having alcohol was a VERY bad idea! I couldn't control my hunger and had cheesy chips on the way home, then yesterday i thought "oh well I'm already out of ketosis" and went MENTAL like literally a dinosaur eating everything in sight (because you do everything you can to make yourself feel better on a hangover day) so i really blew it this week. However, I'm back on track today...going to gym as much as i can in the next couple of days to burn up those carb calories and get back into ketosis as quick as i can!
    Won't weigh in tomorrow as I just can't face it but I did weigh myself Friday morning and had dropped to 10 stone 11 which is another 2.5lb loss. I'm going to count that as this weeks loss and just move on from this blip...luckily I am going home next weekend so there will be no temptation from uni pals to go out and drink (Friday night is turning out to be my nemesis)
    On the plus side...I am looking slimmer and going out did help me FINALLY get with the guy I've liked for a while so I think I'm finding it easier to be positive about my slip-up :) Hope you are all doing better than me!
  19. LVLLM

    LVLLM Gold Member

    Ooohhhh new romance? How exciting. Ah we have all been there with the slip up especially with alcohol induced hunger !!!!
  20. coffeelover

    coffeelover Gold Member

    Good luck with the new romance Amanda, sounds like a good weekend. :)
  21. amanda j94

    amanda j94 Member

    Haha thanks guys! Just a shame about the diet :( tomorrow is the start of a new week! Gunna give it my allxxx
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