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Slim-My-Hips Food Diary! Day 1!

Hey, today is my first day on slimming world.

I'm nearly 24 from Devon, I'm going to be following extra easy.

So I've planned some meals for the week and I prepared tonight's dinner and breakfast last night. I'm hoping being organised will help :)

I'm going to be doing it from home. so expect to see me on the syns values section quite often!

I went shopping last night to asda and hopefully got all the correct stuff, so I can get cracking today.

I'm really nervous about getting something wrong and ruining it, so when I worry I can't sleep hence why it's 4.20am and I'm still awake.

Please feel free to comment. Any hints or tips would be appriciated as I don't have a consultant to be able to ask.

Good luck all!
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03/11/11 Day1 - EE

42g Kelloggs Alll Bran (hexb)
175ml Whole milk (hexa) (I hate whole milk but it needs using up)
Banana (SF)
Apple (SF)

2 satsuma's (SF)
Walkers baked (5 syns)

Baked Beans (F)
Potato Cakes (F)
Onions (SF)
Peppers (SF)
Mushrooms (SF)
Tomatoes (SF)

Potato (F)
Ex lean mince (F)
Carrots (SF)
Peas (F)
Stock cube (F)
salt pepper (F)
Parsely (F)
Dash of milk from allowance
1 stp flora lighter than light (NIL syns)
Garlic (F)
Gravy in pie (2syns)
Half a plate of Carrots, sweetcorn, brocolli and cauliflower (SF)
21g of reduced fat cheddar (3 syns)
Gravy over veg (1 syn)

30g of Haribo (5 syns)

Syns 16/105


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Hi Slim-my-hips, welcome to SW and good luck :)

I only started a few weeks ago and like you am doing it all from home so I am in exactly the same boat! Please don't worry too much (especially if it keeps you awake at night!!) I have found EE really easy to follow, sure a few mistakes along the way but they are bound to happen!!

Everyone on here that I have come across are lovely and very helpful so you will get all the support you need. And being organised can only help - especially when it is all still new, I am now in my 5th week and am still planning out my meals a week in advance - it just helps me so I know when I go shoppig I only get the things I need too!!

Hope your first day goes well :)

K x
Thanks Kirsty, I'm just a super worrier! lol I'm sure I'll be just fine, I think it's because my diary can be viewed by everyone I just don't want to get something wrong, I hate getting stuff wrong. I am finding it pretty easy so far.
Eek went over a bit on syns today :( but perfectly on plan for my first day :D
04/11/11 Day2 - EE

Banana (SF)
Shape 0% rasp yogurt (0.5 syns)

Banana (SF)
Shape 0% rasp yogurt (0.5 syns)

Homemade Chinese

Sweet Chilli Pork -
Pork loin (fat removed)
Sweet Chilli Sauce 1/2 tblsp (1 syn)
Soy sauce

Vegtable Chow mein-
Stirfry veggies (SF)
Soy sauce (F)
Onion (SF)
Egg Noodles (F)

Egg fried rice -
Frylight (F)
Egg (F)
Rice (F)

Walkers baked (5 syns)
Bacon (F)
Lettuce (SF)
Tomato (SF)
Cucumber (SF)
Hellmans Light (2 syns)
175ml Whole milk (Hexa)
Nimble white (Hexb)
Pinapple (SF) - Part of my 1/3 superfree for my dinner as the veg cooked to nothing and fancied something sweet :rolleyes:

Syns 25/105
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A happy downward spiral
hey, dont worry about making some mistakes.
I go to group every week now and I still make mistakes so it happens no matter what!

Just keep going.

Any questions id be only too happy to help!!
hey, dont worry about making some mistakes.
I go to group every week now and I still make mistakes so it happens no matter what!

Just keep going.

Any questions id be only too happy to help!!

Thanks hun :) everyone on here is so supportive I'm so surprised!
Hey,dinner looks scrummy :) are you planning on having any more syns today? K x
Yeah I've got some mini bags of haribo from halloween so gonna have some of them, or I might even treat my self to a Hot Choccie or 2 before bed! got tonight dinner piccy to post up in a bit! my food isn't exactly michilen star but it tastes good! lol
Ooh I will look forward to seeing that, though I will make sure I have eaten firt so I don't start fancying more food :) K x
Well I bought a different type of rice to what I normally buy and it was really really white, if you get my drift, looked really bleached! it was tesco long grain. I don't buy the value as its soo bleached and i dont like it but this one was the same :(
Let me just double check these for you, I got duped into buying some packet noodes thinking they were free and ended up being 1 1/2 per portion! x
oh gosh! I was gonna get the new pearl de lait ones till i read they were stupidly high in syns for a yogurt!
Egg Noodles, Fine, dried, 100g dry Free
Egg Noodles, Medium, dried, 100g dry Free Microwave Noodles, Lemongrass & Coriander, ambient, 250g pouch 3
Microwave Noodles, Rich Soy & Sesame, ambient, 250g pouch 5½
Microwave Noodles, Sweet & Sour, ambient, 250g pouch 5½
Microwave Noodles, Sweet Chilli, ambient, 250g pouch 4½
Noodles, Medium, Ready to Wok, ambient, 100g cooked 2½
Rice Noodles, Thai, dried, 100g dry free

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