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Slim thirties

Hello everyone

This is my final and probably 10th restart on cd. I have roughly 4 1/2 stones to lose, I was close to only having to lose 1.5 stones before but stupidly stopped the diet and ate badly. You eat crap, you gain, end of. Anyway, Il be 30 in January and I need to finish this, I want to be slim in my thirties and get on with the rest of my life.
Im with my kids at home, we have 3 little ones (son 3, twin daughters 2) so very busy and tough not to finish off their leftovers. I started yesterday and Im determined this time, even if I do slip up Il be carrying on and not writing off the rest of the day, or week;)
Il be using this diary to rant, vent my frustrations and overall talk crap when Im struggling (20 times a day:( )

I tend to be a little whiny so be warned if you read on, good to be here:D

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Welcome crystal - and good luck with it. Know what you mean about the picking. Take sugar/salt/pepper to the table when you are clearing and cover the leftovers before you pick the plates up - or start asking the little ones to scrape their own plates into the bin..... Although that just might mean you having to pick it up off the floor!!!
Hi LRO, Id probably eat off the floor lol so in the bin straight away I think!

Thanks for the welcome Felix, I hope this is the time although I'm really struggling tonight, don't want to only last a couple of days, everyone had rice and stuff for dinner, rice is soooo tempting, I'm a big fan and it took every ounce of willpower I have to not stuff it into my mouth.
Haven't had enough water today so will have to try to rectify that tomorrow, if I drink loads now il be stuck in the loo all night! Hope you girls are doing ok.
Well got through today, although the leftover pizza and ice cream didn't help matters. I should really chuck out the stuff as noone else eats it (from my last supper binge).
Feel better but feet cold. Good sign, I get into K quickly. Got really achy legs, that's normal too but a nuisance, lots of stuff to do tomorrow. Nursery run with three lil ones, bank stuff and music rehearsals at school. At least il be busy and not have time to think about food.
On a non diet issue, can't believe Wagner got through on 'fix factor'!
Well, that didn't last long did it? Day 3 and I've blown it. Sounds like an excuse which it is but it's been a tough old day, one of the twins fell, banged head and was vomiting so had to take her to A&E. Came back and binged. Then made myself vomit it out, purged, and then carried on bingeing. I don't know why I do this. Started off by a little rice and thought I'd do Paul McKenna for a bit but I obviously have no self control.
Now, I could carry on from tomorrow but I've ruined last two days. The sensible thing to do is to carry on, but am I sensible? Hmmm.
So angry with myself :-(
Bit miffed, CDC put the prices of products to £2 each. Think a lot of people were paying that anyway but we're struggling a bit. Makes me wonder whether I should opt for calorie counting plus one bar a day when shakes run out.
Freezing, on a good note I've STS so putting yesterday behind me and carrying on. Let's see what this day brings.
Hi everyone on CC
I was originally doing cd but can't afford it and opted for using the cd bars one a day for a meal replacement and eat healthy low carb/cal rest of the time.
*Shanny* said:
Hi and welcome i did cd lost 4 stones now the only way forward for me now and for the further is to CC.

good luck x
Thanks Shanny, you look great in your profile pic hon.
Did you keep the 4 stones off if you don't mind me asking?
Excited to make this work for me :)
Thanks Shanny, you look great in your profile pic hon.
Did you keep the 4 stones off if you don't mind me asking?
Excited to make this work for me :)
Thank you i gained 1 stone in the summer so back to loose the 14 lbs
but now i know doing VLCD is not possible to do for ever.

CC is easy to follow really, and execrise too,!!
how many kcals u eating a day??
I agree, it's not sustainable, too expensive to keep returning to it every few months which is what I was doing until now.
Wow 1 stone is pretty good, most people (including me :-/ ) put it all back on again!

I'm having a cd bar for lunch and trying not to snack. Two small meals after that, aiming for 1200 a day, is that too high?
No a good amount to be on. 1200 I'd say watch your position sizes too.

I've never lost so much weight before the thought of gaining it all back on is a NO NO.!! This stone back on has messed me up as it is, being so greedy and bad habits over food.

The amount of money I paid my CDC lol weight will stay of forever trust me..... Hope you do well with CC the support on here is great.

Thanks hon, trying to go lower most days though. I wish I had thought the way you do when I initially started stuffing my face but oh well, I've learnt my lesson.
Just watched the family, so funny. Haven't binged picked or eaten after 9pm, moving that time earlier bit by bit until I get to 6pm :)
Welcome to cc! I've lost 48lbs so far on cc'ing, I started in May, it's not a quick fix, but I feel a lot more educated about how much fuel my body needs. Good luck! x
Thanks Lindsey :) wow that's a fantastic amount of weight you've lost. Well done!
I'm hoping for that much and a bit more.

Today I pulled on my size 18 jeggings, that were really tight last week, keep slipping down cos my stomach was so huge, well is but think they were smaller and anyway today they are comfy. My bra is more comfortable, felt good and smiled a bit! Wow! I almost never smile lol.
So went to get son from nursery with twins, felt happy that I could 'feel' the difference.
Now I'm home and hungry, trying to avoid rice and curry leftovers in the fridge. I could have it but it's cd bar lunchtime so don't want to disrupt the routine but oh my the urge is getting stronger!
So I was extremely hungry by about half 9. Stupidly I didn't throw away the rice leftovers I craved and avoided after a long mental battle yesterday. So yes, I did eat it. I'm not stuffed, just ok. Paul McKenna would be proud but it wasn't part of the plan.
Now I've got another challenge, play date for my son plus lunch at my friend's. She makes the most amazing Chinese food and we go there every Thursday. Both of our sons are best friends in nursery. I need to stay in control, Im going to tell her I have a dodgy stomach, she's bit exactly a big fan of diets. Just easier to use an excuse.
Sigh, cd shake late afternoon and bar for dinner. Serves me right. Maybe it's best to do it this way though, il be eating less I'm the evening before bed?

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