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Slimfast v Ultraslim


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Is there much of a difference between the 2? The slimfast powders aren't too bad when they're on special offer but I can see them getting a bit expensive for my budget when they're full price. Also the tesco version of the meal bars are a lot cheaper, can I use those instead of the slimfast ones?
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To be honest, I've only had a slimfast shake twice just to try them and I didn't find them as filling as an ultraslim. I'm sticking with ultraslim for now as I use the cartons and they're cheaper. Never tried the bars cos i'm so rubbish if thye were nice i'd end up eating them in one go!
I think it's just a matter of personal taste. I bought some of the Ultraslim to try it, and I really couldn't drink it. It's really, really, really sweet and sickly. I mean, slimfast is sweet and sickly, but I quite like it, but the Ultraslim was WAY too sweet for me.

I've never tried the ultraslim bars, but I don't really like the slimfast bars.

I think you just have to give them a try and see which ones suit you.


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I might get some to try next week if there's not much difference, quite fancy the hot chocolate powder one.

Never tried the bars cos i'm so rubbish if thye were nice i'd end up eating them in one go!
I used to do that with the slimming world bars, would buy a pack at the meeting and they'd be all gone by bed time that night:8855:
I think I might try them once Boots puts their Slimfast drums back up to full price. I only ever have the vanilla slimfast (though once i did try the cafe latte one ;)) so hopefully vanilla is a fairy universal flavour and it wont be too different! Thats if they do a vanilla one...


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They had vanilla, chocolate and hot chocolate in my local tesco on Monday, I think they do cafe latte and strawberry too.
there have been reports that the tesco ultraslim actually have more calories in them than is being advertised. i think they advertise at around 135 cals but its actually closer to 200. might be worth looking into. to be honest, i dont think slim fast is TOO expensive, compared to what you would pay for a week's shopping if you were eating regular food - you're probably still making a saving.



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I have recently started on the Tesco UltraSlim and have done SlimFast in the past. I find the the Tesco one is loads cheaper but much less variety. They have ready made shakes in chocolate, chocolate orange or strawberry and powders in Hot chocolate, caffe latte, and strawberry. The bars are available in chocolate or (I think) forest fruits although my local Tesco only do the chocolate bars. As for eating them all in one go, you couldn't! They are like a marathon to get through and quite filling. I find they make me a little thirsty as well, same as the SlimFast bars. Obviously the SlimFast range is much larger but much more expensive too. Currently, the pre-made shakes for SF are about £1.58 each and sometimes £1 on offer. The price of the Tesco US is 3 for £2 for the cartons, 2 for £3.50 for the bars (3 per box=6 bars) and 2 for £6 for the powders which have 12 servings in each.

As for the error in the calorie content, that has now been rectified

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