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Slimfast with a lot to lose!

Hi everyone!

I've lingered around minimins for absolutely ages and thought maybe I should finally post.
I'm 28 years old and have at least 12 stones to lose (I've not had the courage to weigh myself recently!)
I've lost some weight over the years, mainly through calorie counting but just pile it back on. My job has me out for easily 12 hours a day, 6 days a week if not more so I always have the perfect excuse to not diet!

I'm planning on starting slimfast on payday (the 15th of this month) as I feel it will fit in best with my life and is quite cut and dry so hopefully won't cheat too much!

Would love to have some weight loss buddy's to keep me motivated!

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Hi Bhecca and welcome :)

You've started up two similar diary threads so I'll just post here :).

Good luck with your journey.


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Hi Bhecca,

im also on slimfast. Started in August 2014 and have lost just over 4 stone so far, so would be very happy to buddy up and chat about slimfast plan with someone :)

well done for making the first step, setting a start date and choosing a plan. This will be your year :)
I posted from my mobile and it kept failing to load, and now I can't figure out how to delete one :rolleyes:

thanks for for the welcome!

bigbear that's amazing! Huge congratulations. I've not really used slimfast before so im glad there's someone else here doing it too! Have you found it difficult? It seems like you can snack regularly and that's what I'm awful for so I'm hoping I won't feel too deprived!


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LOL don't worry them mobiles can be tricky! :D Just keep posting in this one and the other one will keep slipping down onto the next page.


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I've been logging my progress on my own thread, so have a read of the kind of things I've been eating.

it really suits me because of the fixed size portions. Yes, by the time you've had your 2 meal bars/shakes, 3 snacks and 1 proper meal you do end up eating every hour or two, which I like!!

I tend to stick to a pre-made shake for breakfast and a meal bar for lunch. Sometime I substitue the meal bars for belvita biscuits.

snack wise I love the choc snack bars and the pretzels. I also sometimes have a piece of fruit for a snack, or a bag of popcorn (metcalfe's skinny Topcorn multipack bag). There are loads of options for a 100 cal snack.

for my evening meals I've been following hairy dieter book recipes which are hearty and filling but low calmwhich is great.

i found that fluid intake is really important. Otherwise you can get a bit constipated (!) but it also helps with feeling full.

best of luck!! Look forward to reading your progress xxxx

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