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Sliming world or WW


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Well I originally lost my weight (the first time around!) with WW and was a WW girl through and through.
I was pointed in the SW direction by my GP and found it is so much more user friendly and easier to stick to than WW was - I was always hungry on WW but not on SW, its also a lot healthier as the fibre and calcium choices are built in. On WW you can spend all your points on 'bad' food if you choose, but SW forces you to make healthy choices.
I know WW is a lot different than it was when I went (about 7-8 years ago I think), but I prefer SW by miles.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


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The main advantage of SW over WW is that even when you've eaten everything from your daily allowance, there is still free food to eat if you're hungry.

No taking an early night because you want something to eat but have eaten your allowance for the day.
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Ive never done WW, but can only say give SW a go - you'll love it Im sure x


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SW is freedom from totting up points. You can still eat mainly rubbish on WW if you point it, but the SW plan makes you choose healthy food, and you just have your syns to count for treats. You're never hungry if you do it properly, and if you love cheese, you can have it every day as part of your calcium allowance. I'm off back next week.
Yes you can 'eat mainly rubbish' food on WW but thats not what the diet is about. The new Discovery Plan is still points based but the emphasis is on healthy food. Theres also Core which is more like SW, you can eat free foods. Personally I prefer the discipline of my points and Ive NEVER been hungry doing WW, I dont know why people always seem to think thats the case.

It seems to be a common misconception by people on other diets that WW seems to encourage eating rubbish... the very opposite is true. What WW does give you though is a great freedom if you do want to eat out one night etc.

Both diets are quite different its a case of trial and error, see what suits you best.

I couldnt stick to SW as I found it waaaaay too restrictive for me.

If you posted the same thread on the WW section youd get the total opposite answers and everyone would suggest WW over SW lol We're all evangelical about what works for us
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Hi I've recently joined SW as I have friends going to a meeting and I find it motivating to go to a meeting with a friend. In the past I've done WW.

With SW I like the unlimited free foods and there are fewer things to count. I like that I can always make a big plate of potato wedges. I also like that every day I can have some cheese without it taking away points for other food.

WW - the website is better and I find it a better diet when I am less in control of what I can eat e.g. eating out/staying wiht people/not the one cooking etc. as everything has a poitns value and while you still have some points of SW (syns) its the difference between a meal (e.g. pizza) being more than your daily allowance rather than a good chunk of it on WW. If it's one meal you are having out this is fine, if you are staying with people for a few days I find WW easier.
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i think the thing is with sw its for life u will soon able to get u can do it in your sleep and its a healthy eating plan. plus u can eat as much as u like u never feel hungry on sw
good luck hun
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Thank you to you all. I am going away for one week from the 17 of Jan so when I come back I will be on SW, I have decided.I need to learn how to eat properly and still loose weight.I have full time job where I sit in front of the computer all day long so I do not get much exercise :-( , do you find that SW still works for people that are not hugely active? I do try to go to gym about twice a week for 1 hour, but it is all about finding time. Anybody here from Aldershot?


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Im sorry starlight i have done both and i was always hungry on ww yes i got the weight loss but i also got alot of sleep just so i wouldnt go over points.

Now my mother in law lost weight withh ww and was never hungry - she only had a stone to lose and when she tried sw she put weight on

Its each individual persons choice and what their body can cope with


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S: 17st0lb C: 17st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 40.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i think with me it was right my points are up - OMG i cant eat anything else so then all i did was think of food resulting in "thinking" i was hungry, i think sw just gives me that comfort blanket. Both diets are hugely successful so they must both work lol
I think so much is psychological. I did WW Core for a week, you can eat unlimited free food but ONLY at meal times. I was completely food obsessed that week. And every night because I knew I couldnt have anything else I craved all kinds of things, whereas with my points, I could have had something. I think the danger is when were told NO we revert back to big babies and want it and want it now :rotflmao:


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wow just noticed ur weight loss no wonder u are so passionnate (cnt spell) about ww
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I think Starlight has a point when she says you will get a very different answers on the WW thread.

You need to find which is best for you - ww or SW. SW encourages you to eat healthy foods with its free foods and WW with its advice on healthy foods and through the different points assigned to foods - spedning all your points on chocolate might leave you hungry but if you spend them wisely you can have filling food and a little of what you fancy

Some people find at some point during their weight loss they like to swap diet to prevent boredom or mix it up a bit/regain enthusiasm.

Personally, I don't think it will make huge difference which you choose. If you choose one diet and find it doesn't work for you just switch to the other diet instead of giving up (easier said than done!).
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In all fairness, ALL diets work if you follow them correctly. Its about finding one that suits you.
Personally I prefer SW but I sometimes swap to WW because it makes me have more control over my portion sizes....but yes I do admit to getting a little hungry on it even though I work out my points with precision being careful not to spend any on rubbish foods!
I prefer SW and my family prefer me being on the SW diet as opposed to WW.
I lost 2 stone with WW, so i did get on with it, but i just didnt enjoy counting the points.
SW is great if you have a family as you can all eat the same meals.
I know you'll get people saying the same for WW but in my opinion SW is easier .

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