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Slimjim's journey to sustainable weight loss


I am starting a new diary in the healthy eating forum as that is my aim! I've been hanging about in slimming world & trying it out, but I've had enough of points & syns etc... I want to be free from it all :) Basically I'm trying to find a sustainable/maintainable plan where by I don't feel denied & deprived....aren't we all :D

I'm a long term yo yo dieter (10yrs+ - basically my entire adult life) & for the last several years I've fluctuated between 9st10 & 10st10. I tend to settle at 10st3 but for my wedding earlier this year I hit 9st7 on my scales at home :D Good times! I maintained it for a few weeks but the honeymoon put paid to it & I ate too much bread & chocolate & drank too much wine!!

I'd love to get back down there again and MAINTAIN it :D So this is my experiment...I've got to find a way to keep the weight off while not depriving myself too much....

If you got this far thanks for reading :)
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So after a weekend off any kind of plan I decided a 2 day detox was in order. My usual weigh in is a Wednesday but I weighed myself yesterday to see if it's made a difference. My weight was 141.5lb. The detox is based around freshly made juices, which is not the best way to take in fruit and may have a negative effect on my loss. However, hopefully my internal organs will be feeling better!!


Apple & dextro to start before my run. I'm following c25k and I'm on week 5 - day 1
B: Ginger Pear Cooler juice
Sn: almonds, seeds, 2 dried apricots & 2 plums
L: mixed salad with beetroot & beans, Wound Healer juice
Sn: hummus & crudités
D: Stress Tonic juice with bean & veg soup
Sn: pear & nuts
Lettuce & Apple sleepy head juice

Added the beans to lunch & almonds to morning snack as VERY peckish!!

B: Minted Greens juice & half an apple
Sn: walnuts, apple & hummus & crudités
L: Perfect Passion juice, & salad with beetroot & beans
Sn: red grapes, plums & seeds
D: Blueberry & Acai Berry shake & bean & veg soup with some brown rice (too hungry)
Sn: cashews
Lettuce & Apple Sleepyhead

I ate more than I should of but it's the things they said I can eat just 2 tblspn instead if 1!! I was so hungry yesterday afternoon! Still I had my seeds & grapes then went to my brothers to sing happy birthday. I resisted the cake & cava & enjoyed a lovely mug of lemon & ginger tea instead!! It was ok though as I knew I could take some cake and have it post detox!!

THE RESULT of this detox came in this morning....I weighed at 137.25lb, that's a whopping 4.25lb loss in 2 days!!! Obviously it's just a short tern thing and the idea now is that I stay very healthy for the next few days & slowly introduce other foods eg red meat, bread, pasta... I doubt that'll happen, but I'd like to at least keep it off and not gain this week.....gotta be good, gotta be good.... :D
So yesterday I enjoyed my chocolate a little too much!! Still I felt deserving after the detox :)

Pre run: banana & a couple of almonds
Post run: apple & glass milk
B: oats so simple with blueberries
L: jacket potato with tuna, bean & beetroot salad
Sn: yoghurt & berries
D: bean & veg stew with 3 fish fingers & brown rice
Sn: nuts & raisins, 4 chunks maya gold, WW toffee bar 2x caramel Rose type choccies
Small glass red wine

I also did week 5 run 2 of c25k & cycled to work & back, so the food intake is probably ok...? We shall see....

B: apple, berries, muesli, shape & lf fromage frais
Sn: granola bar, half banana
L: plum, tuna, beetroot & rice salad
D: chicken & veg in Piri Piri sauce with yoghurt on rice followed by arctic farm frozen yoghurt
Sn: Shapers mint bar & large glass of wine

Cycled to & from work & supported someone to swim, so I'm sure some calories burnt :)

Probably going to see a gain this week but it's just a test & I feel good for it :)
Well we're not sure we'll have the dinner again any time soon. My husband bought a jar of hot Piri Piri sauce, the yoghurt was to calm it down. Now I like hot & spicy food but it took my mouth an hour to calm down!!

I WI on a Wednesday morning at home, but I GI to boots every now & then as I have a ticket from 2008 where I weigh 132lb & I'm striving for that I suppose! Probably still thought I was gigantic then!! Low 9s for me would be brilliant, I don't think I have the motivation, will power, or lifestyle to go any lower :)

Yes still feeling good about the detox, got comments at work yesterday as it really flattened my tummy. I am going to aim for 1 clean day a week, so no prepared/processed food, meat, crisps, chocolate, booze etc & see if that helps...
Yes still feeling good about the detox, got comments at work yesterday as it really flattened my tummy. I am going to aim for 1 clean day a week, so no prepared/processed food, meat, crisps, chocolate, booze etc & see if that helps...
Ooh, that must have been nice! Good idea about the one clean day a week - you can see how you go from there!;)

Difficult day - I had my (step) granddads funeral, not nice. The wake was a nice opportunity to remember him & see some old faces, but also involved more drink than I can remember...

Pre-run: rice cake & houmous
Post-run: special k with skimmed milk
Sn: apple
L: WW bagel with flora light & beans
Wake: small buffet plate, 3 pints lager & approx 3 or 4 glasses if vino
Late: bread with ham, walkers crisps, some sweets & chocolate

So not brilliant but managed a 20 minute run, no stopping, which with the warm up & cool down burnt 360 calories. So that should help...

Saturday - not great, hanging a bit if I'm honest!

B: special k with milk, 1 piece jam & flora light on toast
Sn: apple & banana
L: low fat supernoodles & skips
Sn: 2 x bread & flora light, walkers crisps, small glass of fruit juice
D: chicken with roast veg in tomato sauce with potato wedges followed by shape delight with raspberries
Dr: a 20 cal beer & large glass vino

Hmmmm....not very healthy!! And I've promised myself a cream tea tomorrow!


B: homemade muesli, yoghurt, apple & berries
L: couscous, chicken salad & pasta salad (picnic)
Sn: scone with cream & jam
(went to a national trust place today hence the picnic & my promised cream tea!!)
D: fresh pesto chicken pasta, shape delight & berries
Dr: bottle peroni & Czech beer

So I have guesstimated my calories on my fitness pal & working from Monday to today it reckons I'm 26cal per day over my goal of 1540. I have it set on losing 0.5lb a week as I'm not in any major hurry. So fingers crossed after my clean day tomorrow & cleanish day Tuesday the WI shouldn't be too awful!!
Ooh, cream tea, makes my mouth water! Bet it was nice! Sounds like you're not too badly over your calories though - hope Monday and Tuesday go according to your plan and you are pleasantly surprised by your weigh-in!
Thanks, I love a scone!!

Monday - 'clean' day

Pre-run: a few nuts & raisins
Post-run: Ginger Pear Cooler juice
Sn: plums, a few grapes & tspn seeds
L: roasted veg on couscous
Sn: Stress Tonic, carrot & some more nuts & raisins
D: cod tagine with lots if veg & brown rice (bored of couscous today!)
Sn: frozen passionfruit & lf fromage frais with berries

Ex - run/walk 34mins

Approx 1300 cal in - good times :)

Going to post this now in the hopes I won't get hungry & eat before bed :)
No not my own recipe, I'm not that inventive! I have put them below if you're interested:

Ginger Pear Cooler:
1/2 lemon
2.5cm ginger root, peeled
1/2 cucumber
1 pear
Juice & serve over ice

Stress Tonic:
125g strawberries
1 pear
1 apple
1/2 tsp tahini
1 tsp wheat germ
2 tbsp soya yoghurt
80ml soya yoghurt
(I supplement dairy for soya as I can't stand the stuff!)
Juice fruit, blend in the rest, serve over ice

Minted Greens (on today's menu):
2 kiwi fruit, peeled
1 apple
1/2 cucumber
1/2 lemon
1 handful spinach leaves
3 mint leaves
Juice & serve over ice

Tuesday - could've eaten more, but off to bed to stop my potentially crazed eating! WI tomorrow - eek :)

B: apple, plum & Minted Green Juice
Sn: 2 ryvita, fromage frais & banana
L: chicken & couscous salad
Sn: WW fruits
D: pesto lamb mince meatballs in tomato & veg sauce with pasta (had some fresh pesto leftover from sunday & it's so good I didn't want to waste it HOWEVER lamb too strong to taste it!!)
Sn: Czech beer & slimfast bar

Did 40 min of my pilates DVD as I realise I'm not doing any toning or conditioning exercises & I guess it's good for running as it lengthens the muscles. I will be long & lean like my gap jeans!!

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