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Slimmerkays diary to a slimmer Kay


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Well nearing the end of my first week and feeling good. Took a few days to kick the habit to snack but for 3 days now I have eaten nothing in between meals.

I'm not one of those people that can just have a little of something good. If I have one custard cream I have a pack. So it's absolutely NO biscuits, chocolate, cake or crisps for me anymore.

Went to MacDonalds yesterday with the boys and I had a plain chicken burger and diet coke. No fries. I was so pleased with myself.

So can't wait for Monday now for my first week weigh in.

Do you know, I actually think I may do this this time.
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Good for you Karen, Keep at it :)
well done you!that positive attitude will help loads too!
i too have been really good with snacking since i started and havent done at all and cant believe how much ive NOT missed it!!


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Oh I miss it lol.

I smell the kids chocolate when they have some. Oh god it smells sooooooo good :cry:
Quote ; I'm not one of those people that can just have a little of something good. If I have one custard cream I have a pack. So it's absolutely NO biscuits, chocolate, cake or crisps for me anymore.

Im exactly the same, its all or nothing!! Lol!
Wishing you all the best for Monday weigh in. Ive no doubt that you will be pleased with the scales. Let us know how you get on x
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Goodluck Karen with your weighin tomorrow ;) Let us know the outcome :cross:

Keep up with the positive attitude ;) Thats half the battle I think!

Went to MacDonalds yesterday with the boys and I had a plain chicken burger and diet coke. No fries. I was so pleased with myself.
Well done on skipping the fries! After the burger did you take a tablet? No side effects :confused:

Again, keep up with the positive attitude! It must be so hard not snacking when you have to get the likes of biscuits etc in the house for the kids! :(


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I took my tablet just before the burger and only had a little orange stuff afterward.

I read the nutritional info on the tray sheets they give you and the burger had 16g of fat so that's just over the meal allowance isn't it? Although not recommended very often of course ;)


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Well had my first weigh in and lost 4lbs. I am really pleased.

I phoned the docs to make a follow up appointment to get more tablets. I need to get them in the week of the 29th June. I can't get in until 10th July :eek:

Our doctors has a stupid system whereby they give out very few appointments and prefer you to turn up to morning open surgery where you sit and wait to see whatever doctor your given.

I want to see the same doctor though. I knew I should have booked the appointment when I first got the Xenical :(

So morning surgery it will have to be. I'll just have to pray the doctor I see is as sympathetic and accommodating as the one who gave me the Xenical.
My doctors is the same, takes AGES to get an appt with them!! I actually prefer the walk-in surgery, but thats only once a week. Thankfully the doc that prescribed me my tablets booked me in there & then to see her again.

Hopefully you get the same doc at the walk-in clinic :fingerscrossed: or if not, the doc sees that the tablets are working for you and gives you a repeat prescription! ;)

16g in that chicken burger isnt bad. I actually dont like McDs burgers, which is prob a good thing now that you have told me they are one meal allowance *lol* I much prefer a kfc zinger burger!
Oh I much prefer KFC too but the boys like Mac's now and then. A Big Mac is something like 24g of fat :eek:
Sadly I think that is what a zinger burger is :sigh: and god knows how many calories!!

Can honestly say though, so far, I'm not missing take away food! Long may that last!!
I guess I should put this in here so I can look back on it later.

Day 12 and I've had a bad day today :cry: My old feelings of "I'm never going to do this" resurfaced for some reason and I've been really down.

I "almost" fell off the wagon at lunch time. I didn't in the end though. I had my low fat lunch and then cleaned the house like a mad woman.

I feel a little better now.
Kay you're doing so well and well done you for resisting temptation, you can do this, youve proved it over the past 12 days!!!!! Keep it up xx
Thanks hun :)
Karen... you WILL get there ;) The way I think of it is, I've been given these tablets as a helping hand and I'll be damned if I'm going to let myself down and tell the doc I dont want them/help anymore! If she was willing to give me them and obviously for a damn good reason then I really did take it as a wakeup call... I need to do something about my weight.

To be honest, I've never really tried to diet:rolleyes: It was always, ach I'll start tomorrow. But for some reason, this time, I think yeah I'm gonna do it.

Of course it comes into my head, damn i've so much to lose, will I ever do it. Truth is, I've no choice but to try! Even if I dont reach my 'ideal' weight, as long as I reach a weight were i'm healthy and of course look fab. I'm not an unconfident person, and know when I go out I look fab, I think that fooled me into thinking 'ach i'm not that bad', so the health warning from the doc was a huge wake-up call. :eek:

I've not been tempted so far, I've been enjoying what I eat, truth is I'm sucha plain eater and can eat the same thing every day and it wouldnt bother me. Its the weekends when I'm not in work that I will probably struggle most with, so much easier to jump in the car and get a treat!

Keep your chin up lady :flowers: and keep motivated, you have already lost 4lb so you are on the right track! 3lb more & thats half a stone... 10lb more and thats a stone. You will achieve whatever you want ;)

Goodluck and get cleaning!! :p & you've resisted temptation once... you can do it again!! Good on ya!! xx
Thank you so much.

You are right. ANY weight loss is good and in the right direction. I have to keep thinking of mine and DH's main goal - to both lose enough to renew our wedding vows and look fabulous ;)
Aww KAy what a lovely thing to look forward to!!!! You WILL get there and you'll be so very happy!!!


gunna be a fatty for ever
I read some where that you need to do something 20 times before it will become a habit!! (I think it was in an old ww book!!) So The first weeks are bound to be difficult!! You resisting temptation is one step further to a slimmer you!!

Well done!! Your doing great!!

Love katie
Race For Life today. Hope my energy levels are up a bit by the time we start :(

Second weigh in is tomorrow morning. I know I will have lost something just not sure how much.

Managed to get an appointment with the doc re a new supply of Xencial for the 30th July. It's definately working so I hope there isn't a problem.

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