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Slimming at home....food diary to help keep me on track (with photos)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by tracey83, 27 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

    So this isn't the first time i have restarted slimming world, there have been many times. Although i may say i feel ready to sort my diet out and get healthy, i have also said this many times before, but at the moment that is how i feel so for the time being i am rolling with that (i just hope this attitude is here for the long run!);)

    I have decided to start a fresh food diary so that i am not tainted for past experiences. I am hoping that it will encourage and make me accountable for what i eat. I am hoping that support and advice from others will encourage me to stick with it.

    I started recording a couple of days ago so i am going to try and get them put on here also before i put today's on.
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  3. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

    Tuesday 24th June

    Breakfast -mashed potato cakes, mushrooms, smoked turkey rashers, quorn sausage, cherry tomatoes and baked beans.

    Snack - grapes and apple

    Lunch - lettuce, feta cheese (need to check syns) cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion; muller light

    Snack - kinda choc mini (6 syns?)

    Dinner - rice, veg and chicken

    snack - frozen grapes, ryvita sesame seed x4 (HEB) 4 laughing cow cheese triangles (HEA)

    Total syns: 6

    Exercise: 5 minutes walking up steps

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  4. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

    Wednesday 25th June

    Breakfast - smoked turkey rashers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, mashed potato cakes and baked beans.

    Snack - grapes and banana

    Lunch - pasta with veg and chicken tomato sauce, muller light.

    snack - kinder mini chocolate

    Dinner - fish pie (2syns) cheese (HEA), broccoli and asparagus tips

    Snack - ryvita fruit crispbread x 2 choc philly 30g (? syns) and strawberries

    Total syns:

    Exercise:30 min walk (including loads of steps!)

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  5. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

    Thursday 26th June

    Breakfast - turkey rashers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, baked beans and mashed potato cakes.

    Snacks - banana and grapes

    Lunch - pasta in tomato, chicken and veg sauce.

    Snack - kinder chocolate mini

    Dinner - jacket potato, cheese (HEA), beans and salad

    Snack - sw chips

    Total syns: 6

    Exercise: none
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  6. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

    Friday 27th June

    Breakfast - none (oops, was just in such a rush today)

    Snack - grapes

    Lunch - pasta in tomato, chicken and veg sauce.

    Snack - mug shot (sweet and sour)

    Dinner - sw sausage and bean bake - cheese (HEA), tesco healthy living sausages (2 syns?)

    1 glass of wine (6syns) wow I was very good!! Lol

    Total syns 8

    Ok so its Friday and i am deciding/thinking of having some wine! i just feel that i dont want to deprive myself of things cause i usually go all out then give up cause i get fed up. so i am trying to be good all week including the weekend but also have a few extra treats at the weekend so i dont feel like im missing out hoping that by doing this i will be able to stay on track and get right back on track tomorrow! Ive been good all day, so ill see how this works, normally i would think that i have failed by doing this and give up so im trying to look at it a little differently this time. Will up date with syns in a little while x
    The Photos don't do the dinner justice, it was so nice, and so filling! image-3261826670.jpg image-178640682.jpg
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  7. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

    Ok so I didn't really drink last night so that was good, although that isn't the case tonight!! Had a good day though so not all bad!! ( it's got to be done sometimes!!)

    B - mashed potato cakes, bacon, baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and quorum sausage.

    S - grapes

    L - leftover sausage and bean bake (1 syn) S - grapes

    D - homemade burger (1 syn) wholemeal roll (HEB) and sw chips.

    S - Curley wurly (6 syns)

    Rosé wine - 35 syns Total syns - 43 ooops ( but

    I'm ok with that, I made the decision to have them!


    Last edited: 28 June 2014
  8. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

    Sunday 29th June

    B - mash cakes, beans, sausages (2 syns), watermelon, mango, passion fruit and fat free natural yoghurt.

    L - ended up in a rush and missed lunch

    S - grapes

    D - pizza and chips (HEA&B)

    Rosé wine 18 syns

    Fruitini lolly x 2 (7 syns)

    Total syns - 25 syns

    Exercise - 60 minutes swimming


    That dinner was lush. Omg so good!
    Last edited: 29 June 2014
  9. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    Food diaries look great! Could I be cheeky and ask for your bean and sausage pasta bake it looks delicious! :)

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  10. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

    Hi, thanks for your input xx

    Of course you can ask for the recipe! It's 2 x cans baked beans, with some chilli powder, cooked sausages topped with sliced red onions then topped with cheddar light slices, topped with mashed potato and grated cheese! It's really tasty!
  11. holiday-dieter

    holiday-dieter Silver Member

    Your menus sound delicious! What did you uSe
    For your pizza base? X
  12. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    Thank you so much it is on my list to try next week! Even better I have all the ingredients in!

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  13. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

    Hi, I used a warburtons wholemeal easy wrap
  14. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

    Monday 30th June

    B - none

    S - grapes

    L - pasta salad

    S - watermelon and blueberries

    D - chicken enchiladas (2 syns) (HEA cheese) with potato wedges and side salad.

    S - ryvita x2 (HEB) flora light (2 syns)

    Dinner was lush, will defo make it again!

  15. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

    Tuesday 1st July

    Well it was weigh-in day today and omg I lost 6lb, I have never managed to do well when doing t home on my own. I must say I have really enjoyed doing it!! It's been so nice getting back to cooking and preparing meals, and I have enjoyed all of them so far!! My skin looks and feels so much better too so that's a bonus!!

    Hope my week ahead goes as well, I know it won't be such a big weight loss but it would be amazing to get another few pounds off!

    B - leftover enchilada (I know, odd breakfast but I was in a hurry and they were just sat in the fridge)! (1 syn)

    S - grapes L - pasta salad, syn free rice pudding

    S - curly wurly (6 syns)

    D - chargrilled chicken, tasty rice (1 syn) and ratatouille.

    S - ryvita x 4 flora light (2syns)

    Total syns - 10 syns

    Exercise - 12 skipping (with rope)

    Calorie intake -

    calories burnt - 160

    Last edited: 1 July 2014
  16. BubblesAnseo

    BubblesAnseo Full Member

    Here to subscribe :D mines not great at the moment but your more than welcome to come join it, hope it to get better, the link is in my thread !! :D xxx
  17. chocko1

    chocko1 Gold Member

    Wow!! Amazing weight loss! Well done, Tracey and thanks so much for the brilliant photos and info about what you're eating. Just writing my shopping list and skipping through some of the Food Diaries for ideas. So glad I have done because you've totally inspired me! :) Your chips and wedges look so much better than any I make. Whatever I do, they are never crunchy and golden!

  18. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    What an amazing loss!! Glad I found this thread your food always looks lovely :)

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  19. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

    Yay, hi.

    Thanks for subscribing xx

    How are you getting on?
  20. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

    Aww thank you xx
  21. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

    Aww thank you kathy, those enchiladas were lovely, I had them again today, really please that you have been inspired that's really great!

    When I make my chips I usually leave the skin on and put them straight in the oven, I do t bother to boil them! I put loads of fry light on and garlic salt and usually Nandos spice chip salt and cook on a low heat for a while then turn the oven up towards the end to crisp them up.

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