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**Slimming Down Saturday** Hour by Hour!


Slimming down the aisle
Well we haven't had a daily thread in a while and I know how the weekends are hard for quite a lot of people, so I thought I'd make one :)

What is everyone up to?

Today's the last day of me house sitting for my sister so I've got to go around and tidy the house, change bedding so beds ready for them when they're back at about 1am this morning, and just make sure everything is respectable! Am meeting friends who I went to 6th form with this afternoon too. Haven't seen most of them in a few years, so it'll be good to see them. Then I'll have to take the car back to my sisters (I borrowed my nephew's as mine died!), walk the dog and then my Dad'll come and pick me up and I'll end up having a bit of a late night packing up all my clothes and stuff ready to head down to London tomorrow. Is going to be a bit mad really. Still not sure if I'm getting the train or my Dad is taking me.

Hope whatever you're doing you have a great diet day!
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Aaw Caroline, sounds like you have a busy day, and be sure to have fun in london.

I am just having a coffee and a cheeky smoke then heading off to the gym, do a cv workout, swim, steam. Then I am getting ready to go to a allday/evening party on a mountain! Quite excited but wondering how to have my 2nd meal, as there will be no electric and I can't face warm shakes done in the shaker! I will be saving my bar for the extra energy before driving an hour to get home as I am not allowed caffeine.
Morning everyone!

A party on a mountain sounds like fun! It certainly makes my planned evening of dinner and a DVD seem boring :)

Caroline - how long are you going to be in London for? Are you meeting up with the guy you're interested in?

I had my weigh in today - first one in 4 weeks! I lost 5lbs, which isn't great but considering that I have been on holiday and ill during the past few weeks I'm pretty pleased.

As I'm now very close to BMI 25 I decided to move up to 810 this week. I really struggle to stay 100% on SS and so 810 will probably suit me better. I can't wait to have dinner tonight :D

We're off to Chessington now for the day. Hopefully it won't be too hot or too busy!

Have a great day everyone!


Slimming down the aisle
I'll try Amm! Smoke before the gym... tut tut tut! ;)

Alli I like your plan of dinner and DVD, chilled is good! 5lbs is great considering the holiday and you being ill, well done! Did you have a good holiday? I think 810 definitely sounds like the best idea for you, especially so close to goal.

I'm not sure how long I'll be in London for. It'll either be until the end of August or the end of September. The job can't tell me just yet. The way they're paying me is a right pain though, I start on Monday but she submits timesheets for August at the end of August but they're not paid until the last Friday of Sept. Which is stupid! But she's said she can arrange an advance for me for the end of August as she knows that I've got rent and expenses to pay as I'm moving to London so that they can have me! So hopefully it'll all be ok, will be tight though. But at the end, I'll have a decent amount that I haven't spent on rubbish that I can then use while at uni. So is worth it really. Just annoying!

As for the guy... I don't know. He's away on tour from tomorrow for 10/11 days I think. So could maybe arrange to meet up for a drink or something when he's back. But as he's then got 3 weeks off, I'm not sure if it'll work out, not sure what he's doing. Know he's hoping to disappear for a bit, but not sure if that's for whole time or what. So we'll see!


Silver Member
Morning everyone!

Yip the weekends are a struggle and I really want this to be a good diet weekend, good luck with 810 herewego Im enjoying it and decided to move over because I wasnt sticking to SSor SS+ at all.

Been out for a walk this morning and one shake down so far, away to glug some water and surf the net while DS has a wee nap.

Hope you all have great days!


Serial Dieter!
Busy weekend for me, but a pleasurable one! I've got half of my patchwork quilt blocks done, I just need to get the other half done and I'll be rocking and rolling to put it together by Wednesday when I go to my Quilting group! (Ahhhhh the joys of not having a job, doing quilting in the afternoon!) so I'll be hard at it all afternoon and probably into the evening...

Watched The Reader last night (well if you call 3am night!) with Kate Winslet. It was bloody brilliant! Not the sort of film that makes you feel good at the end, but I got very caught up in it and was totally absorbed for the whole thing!

All these people on 810... 3 and half weeks before I get my two weeks.... I'm looking forward to that I think!
Just a working weekend for me I'm afraid! Oh well least it occupies my mind! x
Finished at 4am this morning then I was back in at 12:00! (colleague wanted to go to a footie match)- God I'm so nice!

Nothing much to report otherwise........

Here's to a 100% weekend for us all! x


Mistress of the Dark
Well weekend off work for me. Got weighed today and stayed the same which was better than I expected considering I was 7lbs heavier on Tuesday after eating Satan's pizza!!!

Still 100% :D
Well done stblg, I'm sure that a sts has really helped. I'm about to head off soon, so getting organised. Have a great day an stay 100% guys.


Silver Member
Hi guys! We have spent the day clearing out our garage and unpacking stuff from boxes when we moved in four months ago!

I've got a week off work so it's decorating a go go as the carpets are going to be fitted on Friday and it has to be finised by then!
Hi All, I went to try on some Wedding dresses (to be honest I thought they would all be much of a muchness) but there were three that I looked lovely in (yes, I was shocked too!) and they are on my 'possible' list, Mum came with me the initial visit but I will be bringing my Brother and Dad for a second opinion and possibly choose one! I'm SO excited. And they are so, so plain, I thought I'd go for a really big fro fro type one but they don't suit me. Just sipping some bouillion now and then off to have my second shake of the day - hope everyone has a good 100% day and evening! x


please try again
wow your doing well with your house move, i moved 10 months ago and still have a couple boxes ive not unpacked

ive yet to start properly but am cutting back and drinking more water in preparation. am addicted to ebay at the moment too


Silver Member
Hi again all, good day here. Away to have a small tuna&cottage cheese salad then 1/2 a tetra. Going to have a choc mint mousse tonight-havent had one in ages!

Im going to glasgow with hubby on Tues (on the motorbike) really looking forward to it as havent been on his bike since last Jan. Its just to get the bike serviced but we'll maybe shove in some time in the shops. Its the day before my WI so wont be great for my water intake as we'll be on the road for 6 hour round trip, I'll just make up for it when we get home in the evening.

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