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Slimming Pills/aids yes/no........maybe?

:confused:Has anybody used any type of slimming aid/tablets ……….i don’t mean proper drug or amphetamines based ones. I am talking about these Addios type ones. Can they really speed up weight loss. There are so many advertised, I would just like to hear of anybodies experience with them. ……………………
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Hi Kas
I've often wondered about it - never actually done it though, but thinking about it if you are SSing then it probably isn't advisable, it may stop you getting the vitamins and minerals from the packs.

Would be good to hear from a CDC though.

Mel :D


Loving the Cambridge Diet
On the Cambridge diet you don't need any slimming aids/pills or anything else - the ketosis in the diet will do it for you

Just stick with it!



Gone fishing
I haven't heard of many people having a lot of success with pills such as Adios. Not for more than a week anyway.

I do worry a little about the claim that it speeds the metabolism. I can't help but wonder if that would increase heart rate and blood pressure etc.

I know the dieting business can seem such a drag ;) and we look for a quick fix, but remember Cambridge is a quick fix :D It'll come off at least twice the normal speed.

Formulated for the impatient :D
Don't buy them!!!!!!! I used several and they really don't do what they say. You can't loose your weight quicker than with CD.

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Have to confess - i did try some before starting CD and they pills were taken half an hour before a meal and filled up your tum so you ate less. The only thing was I would forget to take them!! so was no better off after 2 weeks. There's nearly a full bottle at home gathering dust :eek:

Have to say CDing is way better!


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NO! Bad idea. Adios don't really work.

I once very stupidly took Ephedrine. Did nothing for my weight, and, as I have manic depression, it kicked me into a manic episode. Never again.

Best thing you can do is to drink water before a meal. It'll help fill you up.


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thing is with pills that are meant to fill you up - - if i stopped eating when i was full i wouldnt have bloomin well needed them in the first place!


Short and pink
S: 12st7lb C: 8st4lb G: 8st0lb Loss: 4st3lb(33.71%)
The ones like Ephedrine work by speeding up your metabolism and supressing your appetite, because it is basically speed. I would not recommend them to anybody.


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Over the years i've just about tried every slimming tablet going including both the prescription ones and all i can say is i started CD weighing 20 stone!!!


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Have to admit I do now & again take Ephedrine, :ashamed0005:

I have also tried quite a few different slimming pills, to be honest in the past I have spent hundreds on trying slimming pills..

Stick to CD, It gives quicker results & works out cheaper in the longrun..


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