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Slimming Satisfaction Saturday**hour by hour**

Morning all
Im up early this Sat. sun is shining here. cant sleep for some reason.

Have a lot of housey thing on the agenda and then have cdc training after 1pm.

I lost 4 lbs this week, not a woosh, but hopefully will be able to keep it up, back to ss today.

Will be back later to catch up.
Have a great one!!! Be Good:D:wavey:
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Morning Well, Trish and everyone else when they wake up! Looks like it's an early bird zone today, just taken OH to work. Into day 4 today and so far, so good, not hungry or craving! Will see what it's like to have a day at home on SS...eek!

Got lots of jobs to do today, the house is a mess! Maybe cleaning will come as a good distraction...and burn off some extra fat!

Have a great day training, Well and 4lbs is still fantastic, well done you!

Enjoy the gym, Trish!

I'll prolly be on minimins all day I think- it's kind of addictive..especially when you have the day off^^
Morning early birds!! well done on your weight loss denise thats ace, dont know where you get your energy from for the gym trisha but could you send some to me please its all I can do to take my little dog for a walk! Keep up the good work Clare I find weekends worse coz your out of your usual routine but keep on posting on here and you will be fine. I am in work (hence being up so early) but only till 12 then off clothes shopping, my hb has given me some money to buy some new clothes for my new figure yey!! Unfortunately have put on half a pound this morning and have stuck to the diet religously all week so dont know whats going on?? xxx


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Morning ladies. Well done on the mini whoosh Denise, 4lbs is excellent for an SS+ week.

Some of you may know I've been struggling lately, and I've been up most of the night thinking about the reasons behind my addictive eating/binging. I just spent an hour writing a long post, and feel so much better for it, but I'm questioning whether my head is in the right place to do CD at the minute. I'm going to give today a go at 100%, but I think I may switch back to weight watchers.

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Morning all,

Julie don't worry about the half pound, it's natural to fluctuate, it'll be gone by WI most likely.

You've all been such busy bee's already!!! Wish my housework was already done :)

Lots to catch up on at home today. Must say I've found this week tough going. Even tho I'm on 810, I feel like I haven't had enough.....i'm struggling at night but i'm still on track. 11lbs till goal and 2lbs til i'm in the 'normal/ok' weight range for my height. :)

Hope you all have a great day whatever you're doing. Sorry I haven't posted on here for ages......haven't been on the forum as much.

Hugs xxx
AAWW lisa, I know you are trying so hard to do this. If your head isnt in it at the moment then WW may be a better option for the moment ( I may be going against the flow of others here). I must admit, I got on well with WW points system in the past. All diets work hun and you will lose weight but you have to be happy with your diet too. there is no point in being miserable. CD is d*mn hard at the best of times. whatever you chose to do, we are still here for you. sure! , it is all about supporting each other along the weight loss journey, not so much about which way we chose to do it. Of course it is a CD forum and you will see discussion about CD but havent you made virtual friends here? there is a WW forum too! Good luck with whatever you chose to do. It is about being healthy and happy in the end.
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OMG!! just realised, only 3 more lbs to go and I will have lost 50 beautiful big ones!!! WHOO HOOO. must get it in the head now...talk to myself often," YOU can do it, you can do it, next week, next week." Like my mantra. LOL


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Wow, Denise then you'll be over the half way mark- all down hill (or down scales?) from there! Been looking at your pics recently, you're looking fab and I'm totally inspired! I wonder what objects are equivalent to 50lbs? That would make a good post- equivalent objects that people could compare weightloss too, works for a visual learner like me!

Lisa have posted in your thread, chin up hunny x

And well done Sunshine for being almost 'normal'...erm that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean hehe. Keep persevering with the 810- you can do it! x]

Crumbs I'm posting alot on here today, anyone reckon I'm avoiding the hoovering?
Good morning everyone, I had an early start this morning with DS asking me to cut some melon to put on his weetabix.... it was only 5:45!!
Lisa, hope you make a decision that suits you, you will get the fat off one way or another. Different ways to the same goal! x
Hope evryone else has a good day today, it was miserable weather here yesterday, but today is lovely so hopefully get the rest of my washing dry then it will take me a whole day to get my ironing done!
Will prob fit in a visit to the park with the children for a nice walk.. but I am so tired of late, I won't get far :)

TOTM has arrived again and with it a 3lb weight gain, so I will drink lots today to try and shift it... a couple of days till WI so hopefully it and some more will come off by then...

Hope you all have a good day

Love the fresh new pic tilly. gorgeous and summery!! I still dont have the guts to get into a dress.

julie: we will get there next week, please god!!! 50lbs is a great achievment so must figure out how to treat myself. hehehe



Woke up full of beans at 6am, then thought stuff it and went back to bed for a lie in. TOTM arrived :bliss:

Off to cinema in a bit to see film, listening to AC/DC, drinking special strong coffee I treated myself to on Thursday in my vanilla latte.

Oh today is a good day :bliss:

*Rocks out around the living room*
Morning everyone....I'm a particularly good mood this morning and feel really inspired :D:woohoo:

Am off for a good long walk now (via the shopping centre!!)

Have a fabulous day everyone

Belle xx

Good Luck with the CDC training Wellandgood & well done on getting close to the 50lb mark (Julie too!).

I've had a great start to the weekend as I had my weigh in and I have lost 5lbs. I now have bars and mix-a-mousse in the cupboard to add a bit of variety as I was getting bored of the shakes and don't like soup.

My other half has bought a new marine tank and is moving everything across and apparently that means that the whole house must be a complete tip and I have to be on standby in case he needs help! I'm not happy as I have to go to the supermarket to buy some food for a picnic tomorrow. I don't want to be up until midnight cooking:mad:. Oh well, I might just go to M&S or Waitrose and pick up some mini quiches and cold cuts and have done with it!

Hope you are all having a lovely day and keeping your motivation high :):).

EDIT: Tilly - forgot to mention that your new picture is lovely! I love the pattern of your top/dress!

Woke up full of beans at 6am, then thought stuff it and went back to bed for a lie in. TOTM arrived :bliss:

Off to cinema in a bit to see film, listening to AC/DC, drinking special strong coffee I treated myself to on Thursday in my vanilla latte.

Oh today is a good day :bliss:

*Rocks out around the living room*
super happy for you lexie, i know you've been waiting for totm. gosh, wont you feel so much better in a few days??? Have a great day girly:clap:


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Morning all!

Horrible rainy day here today but will have to go out at some point to return the DVD we watched last night (seven pounds, Will Smith) enjoyed it although I took a while to get it!

Lexie- TOTM arrived- yaaay! , hope you enjoyed your lovely coffee.

Tilly-great pic!

Lisa-sorry to here you're struggling and sorry I've not really been keeping up to date with posts but away to catch up.

Denise- You'll be so busy when you're qualified if you're the only CDC in your area! good luck with it!

everybody else-I hope you all have great days!


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Hi all
Haven't been around properly for a while but trying to catch up with posts every now and then.

Have just met family from New Zealand at Heathrow yesterday which was brilliant - my sister,husband,niece and 2 wee great nieces(3 and 1). Had a lovely day with them yesterday but now back home for the school fete this afternoon and the final weigh in for my sponsored slim. I started at 18-7 the end of Jan and had a 10% of my body weight target to reach by today(16-9). Anyway, I have just had a sneak preview, and assuming i stay the same at 2.30pm, I am now 16-1...woohooo!!! That's 34 lbs. Done by a combination of CD/Slimfast and lots of water!!! (CD was the best boost,and really put my head in the right place to all who may be wavering)

I am over the moon and will have raised around £300 for a disabled girl at school to go towards a new wheelchair.

Feeling great and just put a pair of cut-offs on that i was going to wear for the weigh in and they fell to my ankles!!!!! Yeeha!!!! Could have been embarrassing on the stage!! I'm lovin' it!!!!

Oh well better go and help set up the fete...have a good day everyone, I will be smiling all day and will have to accept the compliments that I will get this afternoon as best I can - still find it hard!



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hi everyone, after the gym I went shopping and bought a size 12 skirt and top in the sale, just had a hot choc shake and now off to the garden centre.

Julie, I always have loads of energy until about 9 pm when I could just go to sleep, I also find since I've been going to the gym I have more energy, maybe its the exerecise.

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