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Slimming underwear dress???


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Hi all :D

recently I have read a post where somebody talked about a dress that holds you in, a bit like the "Bridget Jones Knickers" and I woundered if anyone knew where I can get one.

I am assuming it is like a slip, and instead of wearing the knickers, where I just end up with bulges in other places, :eek: this dress sounds ideal.

Any suggestions would be great thanks.
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i think you did ask me this, and i think i forgot to reply. :eek:

i got mine from asda for £6. x
I have one of these, it's like a tube, and it works so well! Wore mine at Christmas under a sequin dress and people kept asking me what diet I was on, took about 2 inches from my waist, and i hadn't even started on the diet then! Got mine from asda too x x
the other thing i like about it is that it's another layer of warmth for when it's cold! i also like the fact if my dress blows up i'm not flashing anything worth seeing, hehe. x


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ASDA here I come. That is really cheap as well. I was expecting it to cost a small fortune.

Does it stay up well, or will it start to roll down?

Colly strings, sorry I couldn't remember who wrote about it or on which thread otherwise I would have asked you again.

Just in case ASDA only had them coming up to Christmas does anyone know of anywhere else?
that's the one! i don't find it rolls down at all, it's nice and long too , i'm 5ft 10 and it covers my very ample bum and boobs nicely! i'm sure asda have them all year round as i only got mine a few weeks ago, i got a black one rather than the flesh colour :) the sizing is quite generous too, if you're wanting pulled in i would say go for a size smaller than what you think you'll need.
ive got one exactly like that but i got it from tk max , i think i paid £6 too, been hunting for one in black, thats the only thing, if your dress is thin material then you can see the nude colour one a bit,
they do work and they look great, i too hadnt even started the diet when i wore that and it made me look fab
I am determined to get some time to myself in ASDA this week and have a look for one. Now I have to decide do I wait for an occassion when I can wear it, or do I just buy one anyway?
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if you have any trouble finding one in your own asda pm me and i'll see if i can find one for you :)
Thanks Colly Strings,

I will hopefully be able to find one, otherwise they will probably be able to get one from another store for me, they have offered to do that for me before.


you are right I better get one now as it will be just my luck I won't be able to get one when I need it.

I am just not sure which size to go for because I am still losing..... decisions, decisions......
I'm unsure of what size to get too, specially as Collystrings says best get one a size smaller coz they're generous. Maybe I'll get one 2 sizes too small coz I'm not going anywhere in the near future so hopefully I'll be a dress size smaller by the time I wear it. Does that make sense?

Hi Tracey,

Yes, it does make sense. It sounds like a good idea getting one two sizes smaller, maybe I'll do the same as I also don't have any plans for the near future.

I need an occasion, any suggestions..... I know Valentines is out as my parent, (the babysitters) are going out. What a cheek, they have been married for 47 years they should let us newly weds of 7 years have a night out! Only joking, I can't complain as they do all my child care and then some!

I also would probably spend ages working out what to eat and annoy the waiter on their busy night by asking them not to add this sauce and to change that. Why am I such a fussy eater????
Maybe you could go out on a different day for Valentines. It'll be a bit less busy so you'll probably have a nicer time coz it won't be so rushed, and you're more likely to get any different things you order as they get things wrong when they're rushed. Or you could have a 'unbirthday' like on Alice in Wonderland.

You have to be a fussy eater if you're dieting. I have to try to make myself fussy coz I'm not really very fussy at all - a bit like a human dustbin really.

A lot of people here go for for Spanish meals called 'menu del dia' (menu of the day, and it's a meal where you have 3 courses and a bit of a choice. I don't particularly like them and they are unbelievably high in calories so try to avoid them completely.

I prefer the chinese buffet coz I can choose what I want, ask for them to cook it with a tiny bit of oil and a bit of sauce. That way I can keep the calories down. I feel like I've had a treat when I've been there whereas the Spanish ones are tolerated.

I must admit, I've not been to one though choice for a long time but some neighbours took me to drop hubby off - in case I was upset! They said they'd treat me on the way home. They took me to one of these places - a treat for them not me - they know I like McDonalds but they don't. Anyway, I picked at it but drank nearly a whole bottle of wine and then I didn't care.


I never thought of menu of the day as not being a healthy choice, how things are going to be different for me when I am next in Spain!!!! I am not a big fan of Chinese, except the unhealthy foods, like prawn crackers and chicken balls.

I may get hubby to take me out another night for Valentines but I guess it will have to be next week as he won't go out on Sunday because of getting up early for work on Monday. I have got a meal to cook for him though...... very rare for me as I can't cook, won't cook, but about twice a year I try to make the effort.

I have gone for mainly low carb so I should be able to eat it all as well!
He should enjoy that if you don't normally cook but it would be hard for you to stick to your diet if you were cooking other stuff as well.

The menu of the day here is healthy as most of the mediterranean diet is but although it's healthy, it's not low in calories. Everything is cooked with lots of olive oil which is very good for you but like other oils it's very high in calories and the baskets of bagette they serve is high calorie too - a lot higher in calories than our bread. The basic diet is very good and low calorie if you can get them to cook the fish or chicken with no oil and no oil on the salad.

They tend to think you're a bit mad if you ask for no oil though so cook it how they want anyway. Before now, I have stood over them at the grill so that as soon as they pick the oil up I say again, ' no, I don't want it'. I have managed by doing that but the bread on the table is always tempting so I try to put it out of my reach.

When you're next in Spain, I'll have to give you a list of things to say like 'no oil', etc so you can stick to it as much as posssible.

Is oil high in carbs, because that is what I have to stick to, low carbs and high protein if I am not eating the Go Lower food.

I was expecting to live on chicken and fish when I next go out there but now you say it, I do remember there food can sometimes be quite oily.

One of my favourite restaurants, that we always vists at least once each time we are over offers warm rolls with their own garlic butter that melts as you spread it on...... I wish you hadn't reminded me of that! I can almost taste it as I type!!!!

Hubby loved the meal I cooked for him as it is a treat for me to cook and then I went out and left him to babysit...... It was to see the guys that I hope I can afford to sing at my 40th so I did have a reasonable excuse! In fact any excuse to see them perform is good enough for me.

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