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Slimming world 2018

So I sit here and I'm a wreck. Truth of it is I'm greedy, and lazy. So let's start at the beginning.
My nan was starved as a kid, and so when she grew up she over compensated with food, she died in 2006 aged 63 from obesity. She was 5ft 3 and 27 stone, however it's not just her it has affected. As children me and my sisters would spend the weekends there and as she lived just 5 minutes down the road we'd more often than not see her during the week. We would be dished up dinners that were bigger than an average adult meal and we were told to eat it all. Some would say this is child abuse but it wasn't as clear as that. My sisters also struggle with their weight but I am by far the fattest. I have always had a large frame. I would look ridiculous at a size 8 but at the same time I look ridiculous at a size 26. So at 15 I was a size 12/14 where as my friends were size 6/8, I was never fat and I loved sport. So I become an adult and I'm around a size 16 which for my height looks slimmer. In 2005 I met my current partner, and you know how this goes, I was so content it never bothered me. So here I am at 31 no children, 5ft 9 23stone 12 I do no exercise and I look at myself and think damn my nan died at 27 stone I'm almost that I need to do this. I've always wanted children and find that I have issues with ovulation. So I've started slimming world but my issue is portion control. It takes a hell of a lot to fill me up. I love all veg. Fruit is okay, but salad bleurgh I will eat it but it's not nice and not filling.
I've got an exercise bike coming and weights and exercise dvds because I'm just not confident to go to the gym.
So why am I telling you. It's because I thought if I write it all down it would help keep me motivated. Thanks for listening.
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Hi x very honest post...sometimes we have to see these things in writing before we actually allow them to sink in.
Well done on firstly accepting you have a problem with Food and secondly deciding to do something about it.
Good luck with your journey x
So how are you doing today Ash? I hope you’re getting your head around things and managing to come up with a plan x
Im still struggling with flu and couldn’t sleep last night so spent HOURS on here...so much so that I just joined SW online! I’ve always gone to group before but shift work is messing that up, so online it is.
Are you going to try an eating plan or just start with exercise only?
Great start! :0clapper:
Work gets in the way of everything doesn't it! Never tried doing this online before...time will tell! :innocent0001:
Hi Ashby - a great introductory post and fabulous first week's loss too! Hoping this week goes well :classic_smile: I think SW's a great diet (so why don't I always stick to it :classic_cool: xx
Hi Ashby - a great introductory post and fabulous first week's loss too! Hoping this week goes well :classic_smile: I think SW's a great diet (so why don't I always stick to it :classic_cool: xx
This made me chuckle! :classic_big_grin:

Those chips!!!!

And that Burger!!!!!

Some meals just REALLY don’t look ‘diety’ at all!
No guilt required when we're on plan :woohoo:
Hope you're still on plan Ashby? If you are - well done! If not - just do what you can and if you feel like it keep posting here - lots of support to be had! xx
Glad you're on plan - SW always says it's the food part of the plan that loses the weight - the exercise (well at my level anyway ;) ) tones us up and helps us to get fitter!
I'm sure you will - the SW plan's been tested by so many people over the years and proved it works ;) the lady that runs the class I go to said they have 900,000 members at the mo :O
I'm ill but on plan. Just no exercise at the moment. Thank you. Xx
Hope you’re feeling better soon x I’m still getting over the flu 🤧It’s been over a week and I’m still not 100% yet x

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