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Slimming world 3 colour carbonara (using Philadelphia)

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by Alexa93, 7 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Alexa93

    Alexa93 New Member

    I just had to post this as i enjoyed it so much. Slimming worlds 3 colour carbonara is a recipe on there website but i tweaked it for the quark haters and it was delish! Il post my way, bare in mind im terrible with measurements...

    Tagalitelie (as much as you require)
    Frozen or fresh shredded cabbage
    Extra light Philadelphia (hexA)
    Chilli powder
    Fry light

    This is my easy and quick way of this recipe..
    In a bowl place the Tagalitelie, cabbage and peas. Cover with boiling water and cook in the microwave for 10 minutes. Whilst cooking fry some chopped bacon (fat removed), chopped mushrooms, chopped cherry tomatoes and garlic, throw in the frying pan sprayed with frylight and add a pinch of chilli powder. Once cooked mix together with the extra light Philadelphia, i used slightly more than my hexA as it was between 3. Serve with a side salad or simply on its own. This will be a firm fave on my slimming world diet, hope you enjoy :)
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  3. gunabslim

    gunabslim New Member

    How many syns is this on green day please??
  4. Caroline2804

    Caroline2804 Member


    I made this for dinner last night and it was delish!

    Thank you for sharing! :)
  5. Cazran25

    Cazran25 Silver Member

    It shouldn't be any syns on green as long as you count the cheese as a hexa and the bacon as a hexb :)
  6. Ann H

    Ann H Full Member

    It sounds quick and tasty - will add to my list of recipes to try - thanks.

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