Slimming world - Advice please?


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Hi there everyone,

I've just joined MiniMins, so please forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong place :confused:

What it is - I started slimming world 3 weeks ago, (following the extra easy) the first two weeks - I followed it 'loosely' - probably going over my syns by just a few ... but still I lost weight. The first week I lost 2 pounds, the second, 3 pounds. However, this being my 3rd week - I have hardly had any syns - had a few 'syn free' days too - but I haven't lost any weight what so ever? I've stuck to it like glue - and nothing? I've been drinking plenty of water. I'm just not sure what's gone wrong?! :cry:

Any advise would be greatly received - thank you. :wave_cry:
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My leader says not to have too few of syn's as the body still needs it. Try and up your syns for a few days and see how you go xxx


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ye i thought going without was ok, but your body thinks its starving and hangs on to the fat you want to lose ,you need to stoke the fire to burn of the fat lol