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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Daniellej89, 21 June 2014.

  1. Daniellej89

    Daniellej89 Well-Known Member

    I do sw from home and don't go to group and I haven't joined online. I went to 1 group so have the pack you get when you join but I want to get some of the recipe books. Does anyone know where I can get some from?
  2. sharron10

    sharron10 Active Member

    Amazon have quite a few. Sometimes there are some on eBay but they are usually almost as dear as buying them new!
  3. Vickyt89

    Vickyt89 Well-Known Member

    Online is the only place for the books I'm afraid but quite a few of the recipes are available online without needed to log on to the website.
  4. Daniellej89

    Daniellej89 Well-Known Member

    Will give amazon a check out. Ive saved loads of the recipes online but I love reading cooking books so I like to have the real thing :)
  5. willfitskinnyjeans

    willfitskinnyjeans Well-Known Member

    I used to like the magazine until I realised they just recycle a lot of the exact same recipes over and over.
  6. tatabubbly

    tatabubbly Well-Known Member

    I'm not in the UK ATM so I might have to order the books online. They are really overpriced compared to the original prices!!
  7. Daniellej89

    Daniellej89 Well-Known Member

    I accidently subscribed to the magazine on my kindle. I thought Id cancelled the month free but turns out I didnt so Ive paid for a year of that!

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