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Slimming world diet - breakfast ideas

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by coops1980, 26 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. coops1980

    coops1980 Member

    Hi people,

    I have just started Slimming world and im trying to follow the generated breakfast/lunch/dinner until i get chance to go to a meeting.

    This morning I have had 1 quorn sausage, two scambled eggs and a few mushrooms all cooked with no fat etc, it said on the generated breakfast to have sausage, egg and tomatoes and then an orange, so would what i have had (minus the tomatoes and orange) still work out ok?

    thanks xxx
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  3. coughdrops

    coughdrops Silver Member

    Yes, it's totally fine to swap tomatoes and the orange for mushrooms, although you might not have had enough mushrooms.

    The general rule is to have 1/3 superfree on your plate for meals. In simple terms, Superfree (which will be explained properly to you at a class, and in the books), is the fruit/veg part of the meal.

    So, you'd need to have a good-sized serving of mushrooms for it to make up 1/3 of your plate.

    Don't be fretting though, the 1/3 rule doesn't really make sense for all your meals (e.g. beans on a jacket spud, normally we'd not have veg with that), so missing it for the odd meal it won't make a difference to your losses. You should just try to incorporate it where you can.
  4. Mrs CC

    Mrs CC Silver Member

    It's fine. SW works on the basis of free foods rather than set portions. You can pick and choose between the free foods, so you don't have to eat things exactly as they are on the suggested menus. You can eat more or less of the free foods depending on your own preferences.

    They do suggest that the superfree fruit and veg make up a third of your meals. The plan will work if you don't do this, but it will work better if you do. There's no point forcing yourself to eat if you're not hungry just for the sake of having some fruit or veg!
  5. coops1980

    coops1980 Member

    OK thats great, thanks for your replies, it was more a case of not having any tinned tomatoes in the house! I dont think i would have had enough mushrooms as i only had abut 4-5 and still felt hungry but didnt want the orange!! I have actually felt pretty hungry all day which i know isnt meant to happen on this diet, i think its because im so used to being able to snack on ryvitas etc but cant have that if i have the two slices of bread as my HE also philadelphia is another thing i would have on ryvitas etc! Im going to have to adjust to this so any suggestions for snacky type food that is free and a bit interesting and also doesnt involve too much thinking about would be great to hear!! xxx
  6. bumblebee1990

    bumblebee1990 Full Member

  7. jogirl

    jogirl Silver Member

    Quark is free, and although it tastes of nothing much at all by itself, it's easy to jazz up. I often mix it with marmite, but I know not everyone is a marmite lover! Or sometimes I add chilli flakes and capers, and mix that in really well with black pepper, and spread it on slices of apple. Not quite philly and ryvita, but very nice!
  8. vanwoodle

    vanwoodle Full Member

    I've always counted eggs as my super free
  9. coops1980

    coops1980 Member

    Thank you for all your replies! so this morning ive made myself a 3 egg omlette with acon and mushroms and beans - i took this off extra easy geerated menu as still yet to get to a class! but will adding the mushroms make any difference to the plan (ee,original or green?)

    thanks xx
  10. beachbabetobe13

    beachbabetobe13 Silver Member

    Mushrooms are free on any plan :) x
  11. LittleFlo

    LittleFlo Member

    The overnight oats is good for breakfast. 35g porridge oats (HexB on EE) and a mullerlight mixed together and left in the fridge overnight. In the morning I add some fruit so I get my 1/3 superfree.

    No hassle as you make it all the night before :)
  12. Nanny Doreen

    Nanny Doreen Gold Member

    Unfortunately eggs have not been superfree for at least a couple of years. Sorry. If it is working carry on :)
  13. SWMaz

    SWMaz Member

    Instead of having toast when having a cooked breakfast I have potato rostis, that way I still have my HexB for a snack later on if I feel I need it x
  14. SWMaz

    SWMaz Member

    I like to make a batch of the mini quiche muffins for snacking as they are free and you can add whatever free ingredients you have at the time, doesn't take much effort and can be eaten hot or cold. I know a few people who keep cooked chicken, ham etc handy for snacking and also boiled eggs.

    Hope this helps a bit x
  15. Nanny Doreen

    Nanny Doreen Gold Member

    SWMaz would you mind telling me how you do your potato rosti, it sound a really good idea. Does it take long to prepare? I would love to have my hexb for later in the day.
  16. SWMaz

    SWMaz Member

    2 potatoes grated
    1 onion finely chopped or grated
    1 egg
    salt and pepper

    first put your grated potato into a clean tea towel and squeeze all the excess moisture out.

    mix potato with egg, onion and season.

    shape mix into 6 balls and flatten, transfer to a fry light coated baking tray, spray each patty with fry light and bake at 200 for ten mins on each side or until golden, alternatively you could do it in a pan.

    cooked chopped bacon could also be added at the mixing stage

    i also add garlic, chilli and herbs and have them with evening meals. They keep in the fridge and can be frozen also.
  17. SWMaz

    SWMaz Member

    I sometimes make these at dinner time and keep a couple and just reheat them in a pan with fry light the next day for breakfast.
  18. Nanny Doreen

    Nanny Doreen Gold Member

    Sounds good. Will definately have a go . Thank you
  19. SWMaz

    SWMaz Member

    No problem, glad to help :)
  20. Five-By-Five

    Five-By-Five feeling positive :)

    I always have some fruit or veg as a starter that way I'm more likely to eat it then if it was after a meal! Like il chop up a mango or something before I have some pasta or something that way I fit more super free in and I find I'm not as hungry

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