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Slimming World Group Taster Evening!

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by Kadoro, 19 May 2011 Social URL.

  1. Kadoro

    Kadoro Member

    Hiya, just looking for some ideas really. On Monday we have a taster session at the group I have just joined. We are all making food to take in and having what sounds like a little party! I'm really looking forward to it, but wondering what to make. I have spent all day looking through many wonderful recipes on here, but I am just looking for some advice. What would you recommend? I'm looking at either syn free ideas or very low syns. Something tasty too! I dont mind making a few diff things - could be snacks, puddings or meals!
    Any suggestions of your own favs would be brilliant!

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  3. OUU! Im looking for the same thing! considering the meringues from last months magazine
  4. Circes

    Circes Strutting her stuff

    There are lots of threads full of suggestions so i would do a search (blue button towards top right that says 'Search this Forum') looking for the word 'taster'
  5. kazbryn

    kazbryn Full Member

    We had a taster session on Monday and I made the Slimming World Doner Kebab Meat. Really easy to make and went down really well with all members.

    The taster session before that I made potato salad and KFC chicken Both recipes easy and go down well.

    All recipes I have had off this site.

    Good luck with whatever you go for.
  6. Lily42uk

    Lily42uk Gold Member

    We are having a taster session too, I have decided to make the Scotch eggs, I have made both, with bread and with scan bran they are both nice and very large so big enough to cut into bite size pieces.
    Both recipes are on the slimming world site.
    Made with breadcrumbs (2 slices 400g wholemeal bread whizzed in food processor) 3 syns each and my personal favourite or made with 2 scan bran crushed at 1 syn each.
    Good luck
    Lily xx
  7. bex552

    bex552 Member

    Or made with cous cous then it's free :)
  8. Lily42uk

    Lily42uk Gold Member

    Is that the scotch egg made with cous cous?
  9. bex552

    bex552 Member

    Yeah scotch egg with cous cous it sounds wrong n I don't really like cous cous but it tastes lovely!!
  10. Lily42uk

    Lily42uk Gold Member

    Everything I have had that's been made with cous cous i.e. the cakes etc were in my opinion yuk lol....but I'll give everything a go once, thanks bex x
  11. bex552

    bex552 Member

    Oh I agree cous cous cake gross! But savoury yum!! Let me know wot u think :)
  12. Lily42uk

    Lily42uk Gold Member

    Will do, probably give it a go this week x
  13. Humph

    Humph Full Member

    Hello, I joined a group three weeks ago and we have a taster day next week and I'm not sure how much I'm expected to bring. The group is quite large (40+) but only about half of those people stay - will the others stay if there are nibbles?

    It has a theme of 'curry' so I was thinking about mini curried scotch eggs (made with quails eggs) as they are bite sized, but how many do I make? Quails eggs come in packs of 12. Or if I made a vegetarian curry to be a bit more available to all members, just how much do I take?

    The group meets after work and I won't have much time, so at best it has to be something I can make the day before that keeps well and can either be quickly heated or served cold. But mostly I'm concerned about the quantity to take.

    Any suggestions welcome!


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