slimming world hits the high street shops


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havent heard as yet, but that would be fantastic, x


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That would be awesome....:)


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what stuff would they sell i wonder


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WEll I for one would be hugely disappointed if SW sell-out and go down the WW route of selling branded foods. I know of too many people who take the 'easy' option of relying on WW foods so they don't have to think about what they are eating and don't have to cook. Although I know that WW do not actively promote that it is quite common. I think SW's strength is that it does not have branded products and members have to use a variety of different products. And I would have to seriously consider whether I wanted to continue going to classes if they were to introduce their own range.

maxine uk

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you do have a point there, and if many of us could go it alone i think we would be saving our £4.95 (which is now the weekly fee) and doing it that way. i for one need the group both for support and the great ideas we share..
i think we all had an idea that once sw was going to be introduced to the USA market, that changes were going to happen,
sw did sell its food online didnt it? a while back.
im really interested to see how this marketing is going to be launched


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Think it's a big mistake.

With SW I have taught to think about EXACTLY what's in my meals, mainly as they are all created from scratch with base ingredients.

I like many have done WW with their packaged ready meals and although they are handy in the long run you learn nothing, and it makes you lazy as a cook and lazy as an eater of food.

I can of course see the business case for launching a SW product range, there is bound to be an inconceivable amount of money involved, and I guess SW is first and foremost a business.

Such a shame, and I for one will not be buying any ready meals.

Having said that, a range of HEa HEb and synned snack-type food would be useful lol.

Yes I know I contradict myself, but what can I do eh? ;)


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as long as they don't drop "free" products eg yoghurts, cottage cheese, morrisons sausages etc and bring out their own brand at twice the price then no problem, we all make our own choices on what we buy.

I seem to remember at least 10 years ago you could buy slimming world tuna in pouches made by princes (IIRC)


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I am intrigued - will await developments on that one.

Yes CEB you could buy pouches of slimming world tuna, haven't seen any for a couple of years though. Mind you I haven't really looked to be honest.


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I didn't mean ready meals when I posted my support, I meant snacks. The thing I find hardest about sw is that its hard to calculate the syns so if I am out and see a sw snack with syns printed on it - I would find this very handy!!!
I have said before, I have lost over 9 stone with ww without eating a single readymeal! But I couldn't have done it without ww very low pointed choc bars lol!
I think anything they can do to help people follow the plan has to be a bonus, and to be honest if some people want to eat convenience food - which sw already promotes with pasta n sauce, supernoodles etc - then its really up to them (the person buying the convenience food)! But I am proof you can lose weight without it.
I have been hearing this on and off from a consultant friend of mine for the last five years!

Nothing ever seems to come of it.

Devon Dolce

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I'm with Circes on this one xxx


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Good post Circes.


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i'd LOVE it!!! just for the convenience on days where i haven't prepared any lunch for work. only get half hour for lunch so will be able to nip in to a supermarket and pick something up straight away rather than scratching my head thinking what i can have without having to prepare anything.

i don't like ready meals but they're ok for the odd time when i'm stretched for time at work and my limits are set to beans, tinned spagetti, toast, ryvita and mugshots!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
...if some people want to eat convenience food - which sw already promotes with pasta n sauce, supernoodles etc - then its really up to them (the person buying the convenience food)! But I am proof you can lose weight without it.

well said. most of us grab the odd thing out of the cupboard from time to time without having to cook for ages. especially on those shaky days when you need food and you need it NOW! lol

Mumma K

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I do like the slimming world plan but also think it would actually benifit from having some pre marketed foods that you could fall back on.
I've only just changed over to weight watchers as its made life a little bit easier with doing shift work


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It would be great if they sold hi-fi bars, scan bran and any similar type of product SW could create.
I, too, remember the SW tuna, and quite enjoy them.
I much prefer cooking from scratch, and always have, but on the odd occasion when neither my OH or I feel like cooking, or if in a hurry, it would be great to have something SW friendly to pop in the oven or microwave.
I, however, don't think that it is true. If it is, the manufacturer would have to be scrutenised constantly to ensure that the ingredients and syns are exactly as stated on the packet.
There is a restaurant in our area serving slimming food and wanted to actually state that they serve SW food. This has been turned down as SW cannot constantly check to see that they are following the SW rules. Same will apply to manufacturers unless SW start their own factories, and I doubt that they would do so.


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^ Hon I live in a tiny town in northenr ireland, and my local butcher does sw sausages and burgers. These are approved by sw - he has a cert up to prove it lol. Plus the C's promote in all surrounding classes.So it can be done. Plus obviously ww do it.