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Slimming world in Turkey

Hi everybody, I have been using this fantastic website for a while and think it is brill, I retired to Turkey with my hubby 3 years ago, love my life here. Lost loads of weight years ago with SW but put most back on due to this lovely turkish food, SO am going back to my old SW recipe books and using this site to try and follow it myself as no groups in Turkey. Lost some weight already so must be on the right track. Hope to convert some tasty Turkish recipes to SW and will post if anyone interested
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Thanks Michelle, had stuffed green peppers, aubergine and courgettes for tea really tasty and free i Think as I cooked onions, garlic middle out of the veggies in frylight then added cooked rice/cooked green lentils add teaspoon allspice, teaspoon dried mint, teaspoon cinamon mixed all this together then used to fill the hollowed out veggies, stand them in an ovenproof dish with a little water in the bottom, cover and cook until soft then serve with lowfat yogurt and garlic dressing, yummy they are meant to be eaten just warm but can also be eaten cold, forgot to say free on a green day
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Good luck on SW Turkey style! I am in a similar position of living in Spain and not having a SW group. I know it will be a bit harder but I'm sure we can do it with the support of each other!

My mum is Iraqi and she has been transforming all her recipies for me using FryLight spray instead of oil. I imagine it might be difficult to find this in Turkey, they definitely don't have it in Spain (country of the olive oil!). If you can find it, I've found it makes a massive difference and tastes just as good (well, almost!).

Good luck!!! :eek:
Cant get frylight in Turkey so all my visitors bring it over, before that i was using olive oil but in a spray, a little goes a very long way and I am sure as long as you count it you would be ok, look forward to long distance SW with you, thanks for the welcome! We have our own olive trees so use our own oil I just have to make sure it is sprayed NOT poured onto food.


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Good luck with SW in Turkey I take it theres no group meetings there lol
I will be over in Marmaris soon holiday only .
any tips for when I go . If they are good i'll bring you some fry light lol
Hi MsJMC, happy holiday in marmaris, the main thing I would say is dont bring many clothes but bring loadsa sunscreen it is very very hot and humid. Also if you want to eat cheaply and traditional turkish food, dont eat at the harbour or sea front go further back and use the little lokantas (turkish eating places) they are usually very cheap and serve good home made food. ENJOY!!!!
Hi and welcome

I would also love to see some adapted Turkish SW recipes...... it would also be great if you could say what you have changed about the dish as I am not very familiar with Turkish food:)

In the SW forum there is a recipes section maybe you could start your own Turkish Food thread;)



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Ok Thank you for the tip , I'll be going Oct 17th

Hi MsJMC, happy holiday in marmaris, the main thing I would say is dont bring many clothes but bring loadsa sunscreen it is very very hot and humid. Also if you want to eat cheaply and traditional turkish food, dont eat at the harbour or sea front go further back and use the little lokantas (turkish eating places) they are usually very cheap and serve good home made food. ENJOY!!!!
So clothes are cheap ? but are they better than primark lol!!

How is life there for you ?
You can get fake designer clothes and bags in Marmaris, just dont pay the first price they ask, I would say pay half what they ask, they are very good copies even down to the labels (not sure if I should be saying this). Life is good here, I was lucky enough to retire at 50 and sold up in England to move here, obviously a big difference in culture which I respect, best thing is sun most of the year and not having to work. Hope you enjoy your holiday is it your first visit to Turkey?


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Yes my first trip to Turkey , and will get some hand bags , thats great your living your dream , the houses are cheaper there too .
Do you know people there already , or just went after a few holidays .
I hear people go back so many times , so must be good .
Holidayed for 12 years in Turkey, all different resorts, didnt know one person in Datca when we moved here but soon made a circle of Turkish and English friends. Our villa is away from the centre and nearest neighbour is ten minutes away, we grow almonds and olives, have a cat a dog and 9 chickens (mmm fresh eggs and free), we go to Marmaris for big shopping occasionally as it is very busy, we prefer the quiter life, boring I know, Marmaris is great if you want nightlife and busy atmosphere.
Hi Redmel, thanks for the welcome, I will definately try and post some turkish recipes on here, I would think the biggest change will be the olive oil as they use loads in their cooking and poured over the finished meal. They are mainly vegetarian so great for either red/green days, spent all day yesterday reading food diaries and recipe pages, then made the SW quiche with pasta n sauce (turkish version) but it was very nice and plenty left for lunch today with a salad.


Strong women stay slim
Almonds , i love them .
Nightlife won't be having that as daughter is 7 lol
Unsure what there will be there for her for 2 weeks . the beach in marmaris is not great , but there is another one i'm told .
are taxis cheap ?
Fresh eggs , wow your doing ok ...
will be 6 weeks sunday when i come over . just looking on getting transfers now .
Thats why i'm trying hard on my diet so i can take some clothes lol
Hows slimming world going for you out there ? with the heat I guess you won't want to eat .
Unfortunately I ALWAYS want to eat, hence I tend to stick to green days and fill up on pasta and potatoes, altho I have lost a stone since I started and I havent been 100%, I am going to try harder tho and that is why I spend hours reading the stuff on here and find it fantastic. Try A2B, resort hopper or united blue for transfers they should all have websites and I know a2b is £8 to Marmaris and can be booked and paid for online. Not sure about taxis as we have our own transport.
Hey turkishgal, lovely to have you here! It's nice that you've had losses already, you must feel back in your comfort zone with SW! I don't know if you know about the new day that was introduced recently, it's called Extra Easy? Have a look at the stickies on the SW section if you haven't already, it's pretty much a mix of red and green days, with just 1 healthy extra a and b choice.

Also, if you want to, have a look at the FlabFighters link in my signature and join the September challenge :)

Ali xxx
Hi Ali, thanks for the welcome, extra easy wasnt around when i was in a SW club so will definately have a look at that, altho I tend to stick to green days, mainly as i love pasta but meat is very expensive in Turkey, I have almost become a vegetarian, have occasional chicken, and use soya mince for chillis etc. Will think about the challenge but I am still trying to find alternatives to stuff here as cant get cottage cheese or fromage frais, so weightloss slow at the mo. Fingers crossed though with all the info on here I will soon be back on track and into the SW way again 100%.


Strong women stay slim
Thanks for the tips ..
When i did SW years ago I loved green days , Jacket pot and pasta , we had one eve where we all made something and had to try eachothers dishes , really was a good night all free food , or maybe a few syns on some dishes .
1 stone is good , we have xmas coming up soon , now in Turkey it will be different as they don't have it there .
You are right no christmas celebrations for the Turks, BUT they do celebrate their christmas at new year so still massive parties and fireworks etc. First year here we took the dog and a picnic to the beach christmas day which was brilliant, my mother in law who is 81 moved here last year as she loved it so much (has her own place and drives) so she made full christmas dinner with all the trimmings last year. Let me know how your holiday goes.

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