Slimming World Is AMAZING!!!!


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Hey there :)

New to Slimming World and to the world of forums also.

Joined SW 5 weeks ago and am amazed at the results, to be honest with little effort :)

I'm a busy working mum with 2 kids aged 1 and 4 and was so worried that because I had no time for exercise that I was never gonna lose weight and forever stay the way I was!

No fear there then . . . SW is just amazing. I've lost 12.5 lbs in 5 weeks and I'm chuffed to bits :)

Just thought I'd share that with you all lol

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Well done and welcome from me too!


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Well done, that is a brilliant loss. It is so much easier to keep the momentum going when you see results like yours!

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well done, your doing great. this website is fantastic for finding answers to queries and getting recipe ideas and many more about slimming world and other slimming programmes. i've been joined for nearly a week and i'm addicted to it.


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Well Done! That's fantastic, you must be well pleased :) xx


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Feel exactly the same as you (as I have 2 little ones almost the same age as you to deal with, plus an 11 yr old), but I find it quite easy to follow and stick to plan.
Congratulations on the weight loss!


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i totally agree with you! been on it for 3 weeks now and lost 6 pounds without feeling hungry and eating lots of yummy foods! extra easy really does it for me as i NEVER feel deprived :) i've been enjoying turkey noodles, meatballs and spaghetti, burgers and chips, cooked breakfasts and i still am losing weight. i echo your love of the plan!!!!!


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I agree!! Ive never eaten so much in my life and have lost 17lbs since December! I heart slimming world!!!:D


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I have followed the EE plan from the start and found it great :) Sometimes though I worry about the 1/3 rule for superfree foods, but hey for now I'm not too bothered as it's going the right way :)

Mrs V

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Well done on your losses so far and long may it continue!
Welcome to Minimins!


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Welcome to the board - glad you're enjoying SW!
I've lost almost 2 stone and not once have I thought I was on a diet, and it fits into my busy lifestyle perfectly.

I feel so much better healthwise, I used to get really bad backache before losing weight. It's done wonders for my confidence as I feel better about my appearance, especially when others have noticed. Two friends of mine who I haven't seen since starting SW didn't even recognise me the other week and couldn't believe how different I looked!