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slimming world or rosemary conley which is best?


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Ive not been on here for a while as had a few health probs etc. Now trying to get back on track with a weightloss plan but could do with some advice on which one is best as I need to stick with it. Ive done slimming world a few months ago at home but struggled to stick to it, then joined weightwatchers on thurs but have quickly realised that its not going to be the plan for me afterall as not only have to measure everything but the amount of food you get for your points is never going to sustain me as have an active job.

Tried to find out a bit about how Rosemary Conley works but havnt had much luck finding much out. Do you have to count even fruit and veg on it or is it free like SW and WW?

I quite like the idea that Rosemary Conley does excersise classes after weigh in but is the plan ok? Dont seem to see or hear anything much about it these days and not sure thats a bad sign or not.

Has anyone tried both so can compare?

very confused about the whole thing and just trying to get back on my feet and make a start on one of them without wasting more money joining a group, thankfully I had a free membership and first class with WW on thurs so didnt waste anything. Only got part time hours at the moment so need to keep costs down as much as possible.

Thanks, Karen
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Hello I've done RC in the past and u have to count the calories for all foods including fruits and veggies.

Then you have to look for foods which don't have more than 5g of fat in it..I enjoyed and it's easy to follow I think, why don't u post your questions in the RC forum these a few new starters this week.!

Also u have to Learn about your position control ( which is a good thing) x


Plodding on til its gone
S: 13st13lb G: 11st10lb
Hi shanny,

Thank you for your reply. I think if I did RC it would be a bit of a shock to the system as with SW portion control is alot easier because of the red and green days so can have as much as you like depending on the day. Weightloss was quite slow and because I cant get to group every week I found I lacked motivation.

The SW forum is good on here and very supportive just feel I could do with losing the weight a bit quicker and if its possible to lose a stone in 4 weeks then that would be great.

Im thinking of giving RC a go and just trying to find out how it compares to WW as that seems to be very restrictive. Today I bought a WW ready meal which was 9 points out of the 29 for the day leaving just 20 so by the time deducted milk it wouldnt leave a lot and as said I need to eat enought to keep me going in active job.

Do you find you get hungry on the plan?

There doesnt seem to be much info on the RC website.

Hi Karen these a RC website why not have a look at that aswell. I wouldn't say it's restrictive at all as the first 2 weeks u eat 1200 cals then the next 2 weeks u eat 1400 cals..

I was tempted to try the new ww propoints and will do later in the year I think with ww I would say it's all about planing your meals .. A ww meal is alot at 9 points lol.. You could have a nice sandwich and low fat yogurt for 9 points or less..!!

RC also sell magazines to also Karen google this article it's a lady I work with in Birmingham called sasha Denton she's lost 7 stones with RC ... She looks amazing to it's taken her a while but she's done it all with RC..!!

Good luck chick x


Plodding on til its gone
S: 13st13lb G: 11st10lb
Thanks Shanny, I phoned the RC leader this eve and had a chat, will have a look at website tommorow x


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My cousin did RC and I have to say the idea of including exercise is really good!!! Plus they gave her some measuring scoops so she didn't seem to have to weigh much? She used the portion scoops to portion control cereal pasta etc which is nice an simple? She was losing 4-8 lbs a week to begin with then a steadyish 3 but she was very overweight back then :)

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