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Original Slimming World Plans


I'm new to slimming world and to this forum! Its my first post on a forum ever so im hoping it comes up where its supposed to!!

I've been to a couple of meetings so far and im on the Extra Easy plan at the moment - loving it but it does seem too good to be true in some ways.

Im wondering what other people think of extra easy in comparison to the original plan? I have never been part of slimming world when it was "red days and green days" does anyone find that they lose weight quicker on the original plans ? I understand the "lose slower and you'll keep it off" but just wondered for a wee boost if sticking to one of the original plans would help. I think if i could lose a bit faster just now then use extra easy as a maintenance plan? Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

C x
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I've done s/w twice before and used to get on very well with green days but have been doing EE for 4 of the last 6 months when I rejoined (once I got my head around it!) and it works just as well for me. The only time weight loss really slows down (aside from if I drink 400 syns on a night out!) is if I get slack on the 1/3 superfree food. It really is a very important part of the plan.

For me personally green and EE have had the same results but I have heard that some people find that going on the red plan gives them a bit of a boost. If you really want a boost, try success express that will guaranteed speed it all up for you.


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Welcome to the forum :)

I've done SW before so I do tend to stick to red/green as I know them so well. I mainly do Red as carbs don't like me very much. I do try to slip in the odd EE but I can't get my head around it. I know it works as many many people on here use it very successfully, as does my sister. I think it's because i'm too used to the other way.
They all work though so you should be fine whichever you follow.
Good luck
Thanks guys - kinda what i thought i suppose - red does cut down the carbs - i think thats what im not liking about extra easy - dont get me wrong i love pasta, the baked totties and the rice but i dont feel "thinner" if you know what i mean - think my belly just feels bloated a lot coz of the carbs - im not a big fan of fruit either so mainly the veg iv been stickin to on extra easy - also had a kinda bad weekend at the royal wedding and i put on one and half pounds but to be honest i thought that was a bit much to gain for slightly going off track.

Hmmm i have my weigh in on wednesday night so i might start having some red days from thursday and see if i feel any different on it - its weird to be on a diet and feel so full all the time!!

Thanks for your input :) i love this forum and have found some great stuff on it! So nice to actually be part of it lol x

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