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Slimming World vs Dukan?

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Hello everyone

I have just joined the site and am planning on starting my diet after the weekend.

I have about 5.5 stone to lose and have tried several diets over the years, usually unsuccessfully. Everytime I fail, I put a little more weight back on and so I am now the heaviest I have ever been. I have done a little SW before and lost about 10lbs but didnt really "get into it".

I want to lose a couple of stone by end of June in an ideal world, and I would certainly like to be 3 or more stone lighter by Sept. Is this possible on these diets?

Having researched both diets somehwat extensively, my question to you all is this- has anyone experienced both SW and Dukan and could you please advise me on which is "better" - in other words, does one yield greater or faster weight loss and which one is most sustainable i.e which one would you be less likely to fall off the wagon on? I suspect SW for that particular issue but nothing beats real experience from people who have tried them.

Many thanks for your patience in reading this post and for any help which you may give me .
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I know nothing about Dukan :D

I think its entirely down to the individual as to which plan is better. Any diet will work as long as you follow the 'rules'. So I think you have to ask yourself which one you believe will be able to stick to on a daily, weekly, monthly basis

As for weight loss, again thats down to the individual, but I've lost just over 5 stone in a year which averages at about 1.5 pound a week


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I can't tell you anything about Dukan but then this is the SW forum :)

I lost 2 stone in 2 months, 3 stone in 3.5 months (including 10 days in the USA). I was pretty good about being on plan and didn't have many 'bad' days though. Things have slowed up a lot now (mostly due to my gastronomic tours of the UK !!) but I'm still on plan and still losing. SW has changed my life and I love it.

However I would really encourage you not to see this as a quick fix. SW will allow you to eat 'normally', to go out and have fun, to eat 'nice' but 'naughty' stuff without feeling guilty. If you want a quick (and almost inevitably painful) fix then do something else. But SW is teaching me long term sustainable habits and I am having fun in the meantime. I know how much you want to lose weight (believe me, I was there 8 months ago) but it didn't go on in a few weeks and it won't come off in a few weeks.

Big hugs and good luck for whatever you decide.

Gail x


Put the kettle on
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I have no personal expierience of dukan. My friend tho has done it. From what i can gather it is similar to sw red days but you dont have fruit, healthy extra b's or syns. From what i can gather its a lot stricter than sw but my friend,who doesnt have much to lose, has had some amazing losses on it.

If i can offer some advice, I have been in your position before where i chose diets by how quickly i got results and i couldnt stick to them long term. As a result in five years of dieting im still exactly the same size. Ive come to see now that i need to forget about quick fixes and change my lifestyle for good. It may mean the losses are slower but i believe in the long run i will keep the weight off so i dont have to do it all again. Dont rush into your decision and do try to pick something you feel can fit into your life which will help you keep with it long term.

Good luck with whatever plan you choose.


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HI, I have no knowledge on DUnkan however I am loving slimming world and have lost nearly three stone in four months. I think SW is great and is going to be a lifestyle change for me not just a short term diet.


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Even though it sounds German (derived from the Du Kannst - meaning "you can") Dukan is French! - end of topic lol.

It is a protein-based diet so immediately strikes me as unbalanced. You also are meant to drink at least 3ltr water per day to help "flush" the system (I just did a google....don't worry, I cleaned up afterwards!)

Meanwhile, stick with SW look at some of our stats and decide for yourself if it works. Oh and vary the plans rather than stick to one for best weightloss. Adding exercise is essential too.

Remember though, once the weight falls off, you will want to exercise more anyway.

Everyone's a winner!



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Dukan is great for those "bugger I need to drop a few lbs and have no water retention....by Saturday"!!!!

But I dont think its a sustainable eating plan.

SW is normal and makes you feel normal
Just had a look at the Dukan diet on this site and know i couldnt do it,i love my veggies to much.Its not a real life diet like slimming world is

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