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slimming world vs weight watchers


I will do this!!!
For me, SW wins hands down, it depends on your appetite and what you like to snack on, if like me you have a big appetite and don't want to be snacking on just fruit and salad then SW is for you as the options are limitless, i found with weightwatchers that I ran out of points pretty quickly each day and would be hungry.

My weightloss on slimming world has been 2st in 7 weeks (and I am not massively overweight)


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They are both great plans that will work if you follow them properly. They are both based on healthy eating so the losses will be the same - around 1 to 2lbs a week. I thought you were debating between SW and Lipotrim? Did you change your mind?


I will do this!!!
iv been on lipotrim/shakes but im really struggling so im trying to see what would be best for me. I love food and have a real problem with portion control but i just can stick to the shakes. Im joining the gym next week because i think thats a huge problem for me, i dont do any exercise but i want to decide soon what to do about the food!!
I've tried weight watchers previously and hated having to weigh things and work out points but I did loose 2 1/2 stone but found that if I didn't go to meetings I didn't stick to it and some days I still felt hungry.

I only joined SW last week and after 1st weigh in last night I'd lost 5lb! I've not felt hungry at all and better still no weighing! Unless for syns or healthy extras, I've even got my hubby cooking SW recipes as he's trying to stick to it too.

As for lipotrim, I think it's ok for a kick start to your weight loss but not long term, as you need to teach yourself a healthy eating plan for when you come off the shakes.
A relative of mine did these and lost nearly 8 stone, although she was happy with the loss she ended up being really I'll and was in hospital for nearly 4 months with gall stones and pancreatitis which all the doctors said was caused by extreme dieting as it's not really a long term solution for weight loss. Now her body reacts badly to different types of food so has to try and stick to a dairy free, wheat free diet.
HI , I have come onto SW after doing lipotrim then the cambridge diet and I love SW :D I follow red days as it is low carb , which is what I needed to come off cambridge , and I am loosing really well .

Sw is so simple when you get to grips with it and like previous poster has said , you dont need to weigh everything like WW , and there is always something you can havee if you are hungry :D
I have done both a few times now. Overall I have lost more weight (so far) with WW, that was 2 stone about 5 years ago but once I went off the rails I have never since managed to get back into it. I have kept the 2 stone off though, so some good principles have stuck with me.

I prefer the concept of SW, I'm not crazy about the meeting but - seem incapable of sticking to it alone so hey-ho, I joined again this week. I do like not having to weigh 99% of my food and sitting there looking mournfully at my miniscule portion of spaghetti. And with my most recent attempts at WW I have found myself hungry after I have eaten all my points - that could be bad planning on my part, but its not an issue I've encountered over the past few days on SW.

I would agree with the poster who said WW is more suited to portion control issues, but if you preferred the idea of SW you could try what I do and use a smaller plate - ours are massive, so hubby has one of them and I use a much more respectable one that I found in Sainsburys.

Good luck with whatever you choose :)


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I tried both, I did well on weight watchers but i was always hungry, if you wanted a free meal you were stuck on soup and with 3 kids i couldnt do that, I also am lactose intollerent and i found i was way too penilised for using ricemilk by WW.

Im 2 weeks into sw and have lost 71/2 lb!

My losses were about the same with ww, but I found i was always hungry slimming world, i dont feel im on a diet i eat plenty and am never hungry its amazing


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10000000% slimming world as you can eat plenty and you are never hungry!! and as i love my food its ideal for me! lets face it we must all love our food to put the weight on so a healthy eating plan that gives you scope to fill yourself and change your whole attitude to food is amazing!! feel like sw is a way of life and is relistic!! good luck with whatever you decide to do :D


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I lost a bit of weight on WW some years back, I hated the small portions of food, I hated thinking about nothing but points all day, and as soon as I started eating "normal" meals, the weight crept back on plus some. I started SW last week and lost 7 and half pounds this evening at weigh in. I have felt stuffed all week and have really enjoyed my meals. I am on Extra Easy, and it really is extra easy. I don't have to think about how much I am eating, and don't really have to think too hard about what I eat. Three huge and healthy meals, loads of superfree snacks, and even yummy treats as long as they are accounted for with syns. My daughter joined last week and she only has a stone to lose, she lost 3 ib tonight and her young friend who started with us, also lost 7 lb this evening... that is 17 and half lb between us three newbies. Brilliant I would say.


bye bye baby tummy
The other plus point for SW is not having to weigh everything, means its more followable for maintence when you get to target because when your skinny you want to be able to live normally not having to get your scales out all the time


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l have come off CD recently and started SW red days l had an initial gain in the first few days but lm happy to say a small loss this morning yippee


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For me SW is the best, however for you, as you say portion control is a problem, I would say WW would be best for you, as the SW plan doesn't involve weighing or measuring.
I've never tried WW but I dont think it would suit me as I dont like to feel restricted... I also want something that can chAnge me permanently and I feel SW can do that as you don't feel like ur on a diet

I've been on lipotrim in the past and lost a stone but put all that back on once I started eating again so that's why i need something permanent....x
prefer sw

I defo agree that sw is easier to stick to than ww,
i did ww a couple of years back and i o
nly lost 7lbs in about 6wks ad then just kept maintaining because i was cheating a little, always felt guilty cos i could rarely stick to the syns and found that i was hungry most of the time ebcause weighing just about everything was so tedious, where as now iam doig sw i have lost 6lbs in three weeks which im really chuffed about as im never hungry and my fella cannot understand it cos i have never eaten so well, but i do think extra easy is brill.:D
I think sw! My losses are average 1 lb a week which can feel frustrating, but it is 6 months in and I am still doing it - I think that is the key. Will a 'diet' lose you loads but you fall off the wagon quickly or
Will you change your eating habits forever ? For me, sw is the latter!


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When my losses slowed on SW the first time after being on the plan over a year I changed to WW to see if a different diet would kick-start my losses. With WW I lost for about 4 weeks, but was so hungry through that time yes in terms of convenience foods it was easier due to WW products and other supermarkets including ww points on their products however this made me lazy with cooking. I couldn't stick at WW it just wasnt for me, too restrictive I like munching and SW allows me to do that without the guilt!
The fact that of certain things I can eat as much as I want is always a winner for me- hence SW is my only choice.

It must be psychological because I seem to eat less as I know I can eat more!

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