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slimming worlder turn weight watcher.


adores posting
Hi i started SW 5 wks ago and did well but i,m getting bored i did WW last year so dug my books out and had a browse got excitted and thought i,d give it a go so here is my diary for today i have a feeling i need to use more points in my meals rather than on chocs and biscuits ive got a point allowance of 23.
weight at start of sw 10.13lb current weight 10.5lb i have a feeling i'l put on as i,ve changed over diets i WI on tuesdays @6pm
Breakfast=x2 shredded wheat,284ml skimmed milk, 50g blueberries.=3.5

Lunch=A white Roll with a extra light triangle in it, x1 Alpen light, x1 bourbon =5.0

Dinner= A jacket 225g, extra light triangle , chicken, carrots, peas 30g, ketchup x2 tbsp=8.0

Snacks= rich tea x2= 1.0
ww yoghurt and a merangue nest=1.5
mini twister lolly=1.0
11g mini aero=1.0.
Total=21.5 saved=1.5
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Sounds good, but how on earth do you stick to one P & W, I ahve to eat the packet, put in the microwave for 10 secs one at a time!!! Lovely.



adores posting
Hi all back for good and starting my food diary today it has gone very well though feel as if ive eaten loads.
all points match my esource tracker.
porridge with water and 80g summer fruit mix =2 pts
tinned tomatoes with pepper and x2 brown bread =2.5 pts
sheppards pie tesco value ready meal, spinach, green beans, gravey, red sauce=4.5 pts

desserts and snacks=
x4 chocolate sticks from m&s comes up as =2 pts
x2 rich tea=1 pt
ww chili tortilla crisps = 1 pt
ff natural yoghurt 50g =0.5 pts
ww bar = 1.5
ww vanilla rice pot=1.5 pts
alpen light bar=1 pt
cadbury flake from icelands same as from the ice cream man 8g =1 pt yummy.
18.5 pts used out of 21 and 1 activity pt.
i think maybe i need to spend more points on meals rather than snacks but i love my treats and i am below my points allowance;)



adores posting
Hi all
well its wednesday and here is what ive eaten:
Ready brek 50g and summer fruit mix 80g=2.5pts
tinned tomatoes and bread x3=3.5pts
rice 75g cooked=1.5pts
cooked skinless chicken=2.5pts

snacks and desserts=
x2 choc fingers=1pts
Flap jack=3pts
mini lemon merangue tart=2pts
aero mousse=3pts
8g flake=1pts
total 25pts.:eek: ooops i do an alpha church group on wednesdays and we have our evening meal there and although it is fairly healthy i struggle because we dont eat until 7.30pm.:sigh:


adores posting

Breakfast-ready brek 40g and water and summer fruit mix 80g=2.5pts

snack-x3 rich tea and choc finger=2pts

lunch-omlette and toms and mushrooms and salad with creme fraiche=2.5 pts


Dinner-chicken in white sauce(tesco light choices 200g)=3.0pts
Dry pasta 40g=3.5pts
ww creme rice=1.5pts
ww bars=1.5pts.
ww biscuits=1.5pts.

total 20.5


adores posting
Hi everyone,
saturday is here been horse riding today so ache like mad also did 1hr walking to the supermarket.
here is what ive eaten:
ww bread 2-1.5pts
poached egg and red sauce-1.5pts
x1 belvita biscuit-1.0 pts
tomato soup wwfh + toast ww breadx2-2.5pts
ww choc chip cookie mix x1-1.0pt
potato 120g chicken in white sauce tlc and broccli and carrots-4.5pts
choc finger-1.0pt
philli sandwich-2.5pts
ww carrot cake-1.5pts
ww belgium slice-1.5pts
8g flake-1.0pts



adores posting
sunday it is!
x2 ww bread and philli-2.5pts
fox biscuit-2.0pts
belvita x4-3.5pts
ww cranberry oaty-1.5pts
cottage pie(tesco value meal)-4.5pts
tom ketchup x2 tbsp-0.5pts
gin and slimline-1.0pts
ww choc bar-1.5pts
porridge 30g made with water and 30g ww rf cream-2.5pts
total=22pts oops nevermind i have saved this week going to leeds castle and packing up a picnic :eek::eek::eek:.

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