SlimmingWorld and Emotional Eaters

Chris Judson

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Hey Guys,

could do with help and support for supporting my Fiance who is really struggling with her weight due to being an emotional eater. I have never really experienced anyone who has this issue, so i'm struggling to know how to help/suppport her. I have tried to talk to her about helping her e.g. suggesting using tools such as this forum or using instagram like i do to get support from others but then weight is such a difficult topic to discuss, its like skating on thin ice....

She's a lot more overweight since we got together (to be fair so am I) but i really want to help and support her as this weight gain has really stopped her loving/caring about herself.

Has anyone gone through this or know anybody who has?

any advice would be appreciated.
Hi Chris, I think a lot of woman are emotion eaters (not speaking for all obviously). I think it's hormonal. Being on a forum like this is really helpful for me as you can chat to people who get exactly what you are going through. I love to see people's stories, it really helps to motivate me and know if they can do it then I should be able to do it too. 24 hours a day you can look on line, post and get replies. It's a great help. Best wishes to you both.
Hey can class me as an emotional eater/ binge eater. Plz feel free to ask any questions.
It’s very tough. My husband and I have been together 11 years and he still doesn’t understand it fully although he does try.

I have had cognitive behavioural therapy and read countless self help books. Basically an emotional eater eats to distract themselves from whatever negative emotion it is they r feeling. It’s zones them out.

I find sticking to diets hard and I’m not hugely over weight

What does work for me usually is to stick to 3 meals a day and no snacks at all. That way u can’t convince yourself to eat
hi chris, Im an emotional eater and tend to "eat my feelings", and in reponse to how to help/support her, i have no frigging clue im afraid! isnt that the million dollar question. But its great that u are being so great and understanding xx