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Hi all,

I am returning to MiniMins and brand new to the weightwatchers forum. I was on the Cambridge Diet forum which was amazing but then as I started to lose my way on Cambridge I felt embarassed and like I shouldn't post, plus everyone was losing 5+lbs a week and I felt lame with my 2lb losses.

I have been off Cambridge for about 3 months and have only put on 4 pounds so I don't regret my Cambridge journey it was a great kick start to lose the first stone but now I am on weightwatchers and hoping that I can lose the rest this way.

I have been floating around WW meetings for a few weeks now and honestly the types of leaders has really changed since I last did it. For ages I couldn't find someone fun and inspiring without being patronising or lecturing, plus I like my leader to have lost quite a lot of weight not to have lost 10lbs to go from a 12 to a 10, not when I have like 100lbs to lose!

Anyway last night I found a new leader and I feel pumped up and ready to go. I am pointing and considering a lunchtime gym session...

I have a lot going on at the moment, I am desperately trying to get a job as a teaching assistant or get on a teaching course, I have given up the demon drink and I am helping my best friend as much as I can with her wedding plans. A wedding that I will be a bridesmaid in!!

I want to try to lose at least 3 stones by the wedding which is in 7 months time. I know it's achievable and hopefully this "diary" with it's random rambles will help.

Anyway to anyone who has read this, well done! I can't wait to get to know the folks on this board!

Good Luck to everyone
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Less Rotund One

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Hi Slimpossible - and welcome to WW

Sounds like you are determined to make it happen - putting yourself through all those meetings to find "the one" (more trouble than most of us put ourselves through to find our OH :D)

I know what you mean though about leaders - mine is not that good to be honest - very unstructured in her meeting format - so think I might take your idea on board and go around a few and see if any others fit.

Good luck with your journey - and keep posting on here - no one judges anyone - its just so supportive.