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Slinky by Christmas!

So I started back at class last weds after trying (and not succeeding) by myself for a few weeks. I thought putting my meals/ food/ thoughts on here might help seeing as so many people look to have had great success!

Yesterday I was really hungry - think it was a combination of the 3hour treck I went on on saturday (my idea but moaned to my OH all the way about having to walk uphill) and the cold.

Anyway. I ate...

EE day

Bk - 2 boiled eggs and a 42g slice wm bread HEB
Milk in tea throughout the day HEA

Dinner - pasta and veggie sauce (1/2 tsp olive oil) 1 syn

Tea - At a curry house tabdoori salmon (9 syns) and boiled rice

I felt very smug about staying away from the naughties at the Indian restaurant. I guessed at the salmon using the syns for tandoori chicken.??????

I also eat plenty of damsons during the day - me and OH went picking those and sloe's and made damson/ sloe gin for xmas......... dont even want to think how many syns there will be in that!

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Monday 27th Sept EE Day

EE Day

Have really enjoyed my food today. I wore quite a fitted dress for work today that I felt like a well stuffed sofa in when I wore it about 2 weeks ago; it felt almost comfortable today. It could be completely psychological but I do feel less bloated already.
Has been a good day food wise - may well go to bed early so I dont get the munchies.

Bk - plain Oats-so-simple (HEB) with banana
Milk in teas throughout the day (HEB)

snack - apple

Lunch - Tuna pasta

snack - wafer thin ham

Tea - prawn stir fry with egg noodles with teriyaki sauce... gorgeous!!!
2tbsp teriyaki sauce (3syns)
Hoping for a good day tomorrow before my first weigh in on weds morning - fingers crossed!

Rach :)
day 3 Extra easy.

didnt get a chance to post yesterday so updating this morning. All a bit manic at work. Arghhh.

So anyway i ate...

Mlk in tea. HEA
Bk, crunchy bran HEB with banana

Lunch, left over turkey chilli with broccoli, an apple

Tea, OH made me a gorgeous king prawn rissotto which he used 2tsp of olive oil in so half the recioe was 2syns... bargain.

Ive bot my first weigh in tonight so fingers crossed for me

Rach xx
First Weigh in

I lost 3lbs - quite happy with that!
There was a woman there tonight who'd lost 7lbs in her first week but that was never going to happen for me!

3 down, now another stone 3lbs to go!
Week 2 Day 1 EE

Trying for another 3lb this week - been looking up superspeed foods and am trying to build more into my daily menu's. Am not the greatest cook (OH is a chef!!!) but have given some things a whirl today

BK - 3 scan bran, banana and damsons cooked in splenda (1/2 HEB)
Milk in tea throughout the day (HEA)

Lunch - Minestrone soup made with onion, courgette, pepper, sweetcorn, tinned beans and a little left over cooked pasta. With 2 scan bran. Raspberries.

Tea which is in the oven as i type.... Jamie Olivers Fish pie which I saw on this site a few weeks ago. It contains white fish, spinach and other superspeed goodies but has some cheese in it so its 6 syns.
Looking forward to it now ........ Hopefully I wont have poisoned me and the man by tomorrow!!!!

Rach x


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friday. EE

bk. Banana, yoghurt and figs

Lunch, ainsley couscous, cottage cheese and chopped veggies which was gorgeous. 1syn?

Snack- small pack of wafer thin ham

Tea - king prawn chow mein 7.5syns


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Saturday & Sunday

Ive had no internet access this weekend - like going cold turkey. Its now sunday evening and Im quite pleased overall with my eating and drinking over the weekend.

Got up good and late - the first lie in ive managed in months. Im usually a 6am girl. Me and the other half, despite planning a weekend of doing nothing and doing a 'John and Yoko' lie in decided to head for the hills and set off for Chatsworth House. (Thought we'd have a nosy at the sotherby's auction - hilarious, when we got there we found you needed to buy a catalogue for £30 just to get in!!!!) so it was a picnic in the car park and a walk around the grounds for £2 instead - cheapskates.

Long way of saying we got out of bed and made a gorgeous winter veg soup to take out with us for lunch.


Gorgeous, it tasted like christmas dinner in a bowl!
1 walls mini milk (1.5syns)

Tea - Salmon coated in 1 tbsp patak;s tikka paste (1.5syns) and baked with 'dirty rice'. (boiled rice with fried onions, pepper and spinach - oil HEB)

Bought a small battle of wine. The syns for a 175ml glass are 6 but this bottle was 185ml so will class it as 6.5syns.

Also milk in tea for HEA



Horrible - pXXXed it down all day. have been house bound!

Bk - Muler light and respberries (SS)

Lunch - Roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips and swede with 1 tbsp oil (HEB), broccoil, 1 aunt bessie yorkshire pud (3syns), 50g paxo stuffing (4syns) and bisto best veggie gravy (2syns)

Tea - Gammon grill and 2 poached eggs, FF yoghurt



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Monday 4th Oct - EE

Good day but feel incredibly bloated today after what i ate yesterday - looking back not difficult to see why. Think a walk in the wind is needed today!!!!

Bk - HEA milk
HEB - crunchy bran & banana

Lunch - Leftover root vegetable soup, ham, apple

Snack - actvia yoghurt

Tea - Prawn and lentil madras with boiled rice

2 wine gums and 1 breadstick - 3syns


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Tuesday 5th Oct EE Day

well a brisk walk in the wind with noone around was all it needed and loads of water - not half the billy barrel belly I felt this morning.
I have weigh in tomorrow so have tried to be super good today. My work trousers feel a good bit better already but the gorgeous size 14 Karen Millen dress i intend to wear to a wedding 3 weeks on friday still looks a little tight (it was an ebay bargain!)- i hope to get as much off as possible by then. Or am I be unrealistic?
I really dont want to have to fork out for a size 16 when i dont want to be that weight for long.

Today so far ive eaten...

Bk - Milk in tea HEA
Strawberries and an actvia snack pot

lunch - pasta salad with cottage cheese, a huge orange

tea - I have some roasted veggie soup for later.

Hope you are all having a good day



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OMG! ! ! Just been weighed in and ive lost 4.5lb
I am so so chuffed with that. Got my first shiny sticker. Yay.

I love slimming world.


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Week 3 Day 1

So after this mornings shocker i want another really good week this week. More speed and super speed foods me thinks!!!

Today so far...

HEA - always milk in tea
HEB - 42g crunchy bran

Bk - C bran with banana and a fig

snack - orange

Lunch - LF supernoodles and an activia snackpot

Tea - Having 1/2 a 500g bag of gnocchi with a homemade tomato, garlic and spinach sauce (syns say 1.5syns per 100g cooked) But the 500g is uncooked!!!!
Im going for 7.5syns????????


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Thursday 7th Oct - EE

been bad and havnt updated this :-(... must do better!!!

Had a good day yesterday.

HEA - always milk for tea
HEB - Crunchy Bran, activia yoghurt

Snack - fig and strawberries

Lunch - LF Supernoodles with peppers and sweetcorn; an apple

Tea - Tuna chilli and rice

Was VERY P'ed off - Ive got into a bit of a Fig thing, like them with my breakfast or in yoghurt.
My BF thought he was doing me a good thing by buying me a bag of dried figs - after eating one I was horrified to discover that they are 2.5 syns EACH!!!!! Didnt tell him but Ive binned them - choice 2 dried figs vs just short of a glass of wine - no contest!!!!!!

Friday 8th Oct

Im due my * at any mo and have been ravenous today. Feel like Ive eaten tons - too much maybe.

HEA - Milk
Bk - yoghurt, strawberries and 1 alpen light bar (1/2 HEB)

Snack - 1 alpen light bar

Lunch - jacket spud, FF cottage cheese, sweetcorn, salad, 1/2 pear, 1/2 apple

Mid afternoon cave in!!!!! - 3 jelly babies (3syns)
mid afternoon safer cave in - 3 small donut peaches!!!

Im just heading over to BF's who is making a syn free salmon pasta for tea....

I know its not over syn wise but it feels like Ive scoffed all day.
Think may well do without the 6syn glass of wine and save that for tmro instead.

Hope you all ahve a good evening (if anyone reads this)



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saturday 9th

BF surpised me with a weekend away. We went to anglesey and he'd booked a nice little B&B for us. We had a good long walk along the headland on Sat - gorgeous. Was lovely and sunny and warm but was SO windy - felt like Id had a huge workout by the time we made it back to the B&B

Bk(before I left) -mushroom omlette

Lunch - 200g sushi 1syn (the best the service station had to offer!!)

Tea - We opted for a curry in the end as most other options were very pub grubbish which I thought was very difficult to control.

I had the planned tandoori chicken with boiled rice 9syns
But... I caved in big time and had 2 poppodoms and all the lime pickle etc. Am guessing 13syns - looking back it was so not worth it.
On the plus side i didnt have the half bottle of wine id taken along for when we got back to the B&B so the day wasnt as bad as it could have been.
Feel very guilty though as Ive not gone really over my syns before. Call it flexi-syns.

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Was staying in a B&B last night so was saintly this morning and turned down the fry up (polishes halo)
In the end..........

HEA - milk
Bk - Poached egg on 1 slice wholemeal toast HEB

Dinner -Anyone got any guessing on the syns for 'buttered/ roasted' veg at a carvery? I had very lean roast beef, boiled potatoes, NO yorkshires, No stuffing and 2 tsp gravy!
Thought the cabbage (which i had a heaped tbsp of) tasted a bit too good and think was probably buttered and the carrots (2tbsp) looked roasted so were probably cooked in oil.
Am putting 10syns over for this.

Tea - 3 tangerines, 1 activia yoghurt, 2 donut peaches.


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Monday 11th Oct

Another EE day for me today.

HEA - milk in tea/ cereal

Bk - Crunchy bran HEB, blueberries

Snack - banana

Lunch - LF supernoodles, mullerlight, tangerine 1 fruity biscuit (2 syns)

Snack - 2 donut peaches

Tea - king prawn, vermicelli noodle stir fry (1/2 tbsp oil - 2.5syns)

Am planning some speedfood meals tomorrow before weigh in on wednesday - fingers crossed for me x


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So ive tried plenty more speed foods today in time for my weigh in tomorrow.
HEA- milk
Bk- crunchh bran, banana

Lunch- melon, more raspberries and a mullerlight.

Tea - cod and chargrilled vegetables.

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