Slow loss this week

Bit of a slow loss this week only 2lbs, not too dissapointed as got to look at the whole course not just week by week, and also been to the gym, just wanting to know what peopels experience is of losing a little one week, is the next week normally bigger?
i cant honestly answer that but wanted to echo what u said. what u lose per month is what u need to focus on. someone else will be able to answer ur question but i wanted to say u r doing well and good luck for a big loss next week.

I have had a couple of weeks where I have only lost 1lb but the total is fantastic so I try not to get hung up on the weekly amount.
Well done 2lbs is 4 packs of butter
sometimes you have a big week after, sometimes not. Sometimes a big week comes totally out of the blue too!

Don't overdo the gym either, remember you have no glycogen and you are having a very low calorie intake. Apparently on this sort of diet you can't actually build muscle, I'm not actually sure of the science behind that!

Definately always always ALWAYS look at your loss over a month, never any one week!

Hi there,
We are all different and lose at different rates. I tend to lose 3.5 pound every week, not much lower or higher but others in my group lose a pound then 5 etc. When we total it all up though there isn't much difference ! Keep going, it's worth it !