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slow loss

Feel guilty for moaning but hope you will all understand. I just think my weight loss is so slow compared to others with similar to lose to me.

I have lost 6.6,5.5, and now 2.6. That would be a great lose if I had 3 stones to shift but I reckon I should probably lose 7 to 8 stone to get into acceptable BMI. So it looks like it will be a long journey for me.
I drink my water. I have an active job/life and swim every day and I promise I havent cheated not once. It was my TOTM this week but even so 2lb a week it will take years! Maybe i am the exception to the rule!
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Striving for slimness
I had a few weeks like this too snowmum but it went back up to 4-5lbs a week. Is it your time of the month by any chance? Apparently that can cause you to retain anywhere up to 10lbs of water!!! It could also be inch loss. Hang in there, get as much water as possible and I would bet that you have a really good loss soon x

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
That is a stone in 3 weeks!!! You can't expeect better then that - that is brilliant!!

Give it time - weeks will fluctuate. It all adds up quickly.

I had 10 stone to lose. 6 now. I only started in January and should be done in July or so! Where else could we do that!!?? It is the fastest diet you will ever do! Try not to focus so much on being done - focus on getting there, and enjoy it - this can be enjoyable. Honest! :)

You'll get there - give it a chance. Give it time, and watch the pounds fly off of you!
i was a relatively slow loser, some weeks only loosing 1.5lbs and this happened quite regularly. Im afraid with some of us, this is just the way it goes.

Silhouettes do you mind if I ask what you had to lose as that the bit that doesnt make sense to me. I have lots to lose you would think it would be a bit quicker especially at the start.
I had 11 stones to lose and have lost 10st 6 lbs. I too thought that i would loose quicker as i was so over weight but it hasnt worked this way for me. I also had one girl in our group who started off as a size 14/16 with the minimum 3stones to loose and she lost more and faster than anyone else. She had lost 5 stones by the end of it and that was with eating full meals for the last 4 weeks of the programme to try and put some weight back on again (she kept coming to classes for the counselling)
Thanks for that silhouette, you've done really well. Still doesnt overall seem quite logical!

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