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Slow weight loss - thinking of only having 2 food packs per day

Mrs Lard

Silver Member
Hi Porker

Don't, don't, don't ditch the packs. You need all four for nutrition. Have a look at Cerulean's post about slow weight loss; I promise that, in Foundation, if you stay abstinent, you will lose weight. You may be a bunny hopper - slow one week, quick the next.

Stay strong. You'll get there. Promise!

Mrs Lxxxx


The Diet Guy
Hi Porker

Please do not drop a pack, not only will this mean you are not getting enough protein, vitamins and minerals to stay healthy but it will actually mean you lose even less weight as your body will drop into complete starvation mode. You will find your finger nails stop growing, hair stops growing and generally you feel awful. The packs give you enough energy and protein to keep your "engine" ticking over so you can burn fat.

20 pounds in 8 weeks isn't quick but at the same point it is a stone and a half and a great acheivement.

Just one thought...are you drinking enough water? Are you always getting down your 4 litres as that would explain the slightly slower loss

Thanks for your advice. I have to say that I have not been keeping a strict eye on how much I am drinking like I did in the first few weeks. It is entirely possible that I am not drinking 4 litres everyday. How does the water work physiologically and why is it so important.


The Diet Guy
Water is the absolute life blood on a VLCD.

At a technical level if the kidneys are not full hydrated and have enough water then the liver has to help them out, when the liver is helping them out it can't be getting rid of the fat. I read an article that said a dehydrated person only burns fat of that of a hydrated person on the same diet. Therefore you really need to get glugging.

I see loads of people each week and the more I see people the more I see those who drink 4 litres to 6 litres lose more weight, more uniformally and tend to feel better while losing the weight.

The other benefits are that you retain less water if you drink more as the body isn't worried about not getting enough so doesn't retain, also you will find the other benefits are better skin, hair and generally a less fuzzy feeling as the build up of ketones in the body is less on the diet as you are flushing them out all the time.

So as an experiment drink your 4 litres religiously for the next 7 days and I am sure you will find the scales start to fall.

Thanks for that advice. Ist litre of the day already drunk! That has helped me to feel motivated to keep going. Does it follow that if I drunk 5L a day I could loose more???


The Diet Guy
You mustn't drink too much water as this can be dangerous.

I saw my GP before I did the diet and he said that 12 litres or more could be very dangerous within a 24 hour period and therefore to not go over 8 litres.

I therefore recommend to ladies that they drink 4 litres a day and guys 6 litres and make sure you space it out and don't drink it all at once, the advice is "little and often"



has started again!!

I am sure your quote is on the link above:

"The more you drink, the more you shrink"

It's my mantra now, when I feel like not glugging that last litre. Maybe it will help Porker too!


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
Just to reiterate - never drop your packs - this has an adverse effect. A returner who started with me in January showed off to us that she'd been really hardcore and dropped to 2-3 packs a day and was desperately ill with constipation (not getting the necessary fibre from the packs) and low energy and - her weightlosses were around a pound a week whilst she was skipping packs. Less packs has the reverse effect and dire consequences on your wellbeing - you have to have all the packs to get all your daily nutrition.

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