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Hi All

I know I've posted on this before - but I think i amust have a dodgy metabolism or something.

I am on day 29 of SS - without cheating and drinking at least 3 litres of water per day. I have lost 12lbs. I have only lost 1lbs per week for the past two weeks.

I am about 3 stones overweight. Can any of you CDC counsellors advise if any of your other clients are this slow? I know it is still quite a good loss - but it seems a lot less than you guys - and if overall loss is going to be 1 to 2lbs a week - on SS then I am going to be in despair.

What are your experiences?
Okay, I'm not a CDC, but my weightloss wasn't exactly as speedy as others. (averaged out at about 12lbs per month).

I know it's frustrating, but you wont lose any faster on any other diet. I also think in a weird way, knowing I'm a slow loser helped me. I knew I couldn't get away with cheating. I know that I would have to keep focussed throughout.

That made me stronger.

12lbs is a good weightloss, and there's a good chance that next the week the scales will be kinder to you.

Hang in there. You're doing a grand job :)
I am not a CDC but if I were you I would up my water intake. The biggest losses I have had (now I have a lot more to loose than you) have been the weeks I have drank the most least 4-5 litres a day.

Best of luck.


In my past experience i had a v slow loss and it was my fluid intake...................see if you can increase a bit more and i am sure you will have a dont forget just another 2 pound and it will be a whole stone
Hi, I think it'll be one pound for me too this week, but that's because of TOTM!

I don't get good losses if any of the following happens:

  • less than 5l water
  • eating the bars
  • using the flavours
  • using the bouillon
  • ate tabasco
  • had flavoured water
Not sure if any of these apply to you. Also one of my friends has polycystic ovaries and her weight loss is slower.

Hope this helps
I agree Dani try upping your water and see if that makes a difference. Are you taking exercise? Speaking on a personal level when I was younger I could diet without exercise and the weight would come off but I guess I was probably more naturally active then. Now, I absolutely need to exercise to shift weight - just a sad fact of life Im afraid.
Thanks all

I'll try the following - up the water level to at least 4 litres (very hard for me as I hav e a weak bladder), and not have the bouillon.

I am a bit too knackered to do exercise but I will try. I think it might be the water. Can't think if a scientific reason why more water = more losses though!
Hi,i'm new on here but thought this might help you.Sounds like your metabolism needs a kick.I would advise doing some exercise,weight or cardio as this helps speed up metabolism.I am on the last stone now and its so slow for me,there are weeks with no loss but overall its coming off slowly:)

This week i've lost a whopping 6lbs and i didn't lose anything last week,upped the exercise this week.
Hi dani, i only manage 3 litres which is quiet low compared ro most people, but i will need to increase ....
if i have time that is when not on the loo lol:D