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Slow weightloss - lighterlife

Hi everyone

First week joining lighterlife and lost 7 3/4 pounds ( other girls lost 10 +)
week 2 - a measely 3 pounds

How come some peoplehave lost a stone ???? I drink the water flavouring with sparkling water -do u think this may slow weight loss ? How much water do people generally drink or can they share how they get 4 & 5 pounds losses ? I would love to know

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Leanne, you've lost 10lbs in 2 weeks! Some people have slower losses than others. It all depends on lots of things but after the first couple of weeks it usually averages out at about 3lbs per week. Try not to compare yourself to anyone else in your group. The weight will drop off if you stick to the diet. You're doing great so just keep up the good work and you'll be a skinny minny before you know it!
In terms of water, there's no specific amount you have to drink. I used to average between 3-4 litres per day but it's different for everyone. Water flavouring and sparking water will make no differnce to your weight loss.
Keep going and do it your way!! xx
Hi leanne, i lost 7 pounds in my 1st week, think its different for everyone though, the way i see it is that thats 7 pounds i definately wouldnt have lost eating normally :)
Thanks ladies - I just long to feel good about how I look - I know deep down it's good just jealous of others and wonder if I am missing out on something x
Don't despair Leanne.
We are all different. It usually evens out to approx a stone a month loss which roughly translates to a dress size.
Of course depends on several factors including
How much you have to lose
Your current weight/height
The amount of water you drink
Your metabolism
etc, etc,etc.
Good luck. The main thing is you are losing, it's going in the right direction. You can lose it and you can keep it off.
Good luck.:)


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Hi chick I agree with the ladies it does vary. I have to have the flavourings too to get through the water, I wad drinking 4 litres but thus has become a real struggle so I now have 3 litres. You will find that you will probably have some consistent amounts fit a few weeks that then either go up or down for no apparent reason! Some of my class told me I would have a wow week where I would hut a big number, that happened last week on week 12 for me I hit a 5!

I think from a weightloss perspective the first few weeks are so frustrating as you feel you will never get to goalbut once you hit the first stone I think something clicks to spur you on.

That's my ramblings on this subject hope they help xx

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3lbs is a far from measely loss - its great. As others have said - youve lost 11lbs in 2 weeks, thats brilliant.

You need to remember that VLCDs are like every other diet in that some weeks the losses arent what we hope for. Ive had a couple of weeks where Ive only lost 2lbs and though I was gutted at the time, its evened out over the month and Ive still lost a steady stone a month. 3lbs a week is a good average and if youre banking on more every week youre going to have a lot of disappointments....

Just think another 'measely' 3lbs next week and you'll have lost a stone :eek:


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I'm just starting week 4, and it does seem to be going slowly, 11lbs in first 2 weeks missed 3rd week weigh in, so will need to wait till Sunday to find out how its going, I have been reminding myself its taken a long time for me to be so over weight, and to be nice to myself and have some patience. keep strong
I was a "lucky" one in that I lost 11lbs in my first week BUT (and it's a big BUT) I had my intro session on the Friday and weighed 15 st 5lbs and then decided that as I wasn't going to be eating that I would allow myself what I wanted until the next Sunday when I would have my first official WI before starting packs. I nearly fell off the scales as I weighed 16st 3lbs - I had put on just under a stone in 9 days!!!! So the 11lbs loss wasn't that big a deal for me as it was still more than I'd been just 9 days before. Everyone is different so don't fret love - you're doing fab!! x
Hey Julz
You are on track hun, don't worry. LL losses average out to about a stone a month for most people, but we are not all the same.
Keep abstinent, drink plenty of water - you can't go wrong.


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Completely agree with SB.
It really is plain and simple.
Stay abstinent, drink water and the weight will come off.

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