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Slower weight loss this week


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I know week three is often slow-but I've only lost a pound and a bit between last Thursday (Day 15) and today (Day 21).

I know my body may be fighting.

I know I'm probably losing inches (well a bit).

I know if I'm sticking to SS/+ which I am, it's impossible not to lose.

I know the scales are not the best arbiter.

But in this particular stretch of weight when I can go from feeling overweight to feeling really rather okay in the space of half a stone-

it's still frustrating!! Grrrr!!

There, thank you. Just needed a little vent.
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Kate I have had slow losses the last three weeks, and probably will again this week. However, you have to cling to the fact that it is going in the RIGHT direction and no matter how much your body fights it, you cannot fail to lose even if it is a bit slower than you'd like. Stay strong.
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I had slow losses!! So annoying!! Take a look. It does get better x x


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Do stick with it, it works. I had a period of a few weeks where I'd lost 3, then 2, then2, then 9! I didn't do anything different, it was just my body catching up. Sometimes you wont lose the weight until weigh day, your body can hold on to it all week, teasing you, then as a reward for sticking to it, it'll come off at the end.


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its disapointing however just think of next week, I only lost 2lbs last week so this Thursday I'm motivated to see what I have lost x x x


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my CDC always said to look at weight loss in a 2 week cycle so dont go on this week alone hun! Look at it next week instead!

Keep up the good work hun


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Hi there - I agree with Liz, look at it in 2 week phases - helps the head as well as the body!! I have actually changed my WI dates to odd times - next time will be 9 days to WI, last time it was 8. This helps me psychologically, I know it is daft but if I have a bad week it would knock me back, and doing WIs unconventionally will alleviate the risk (well - that's the theory anyway!!). Tx
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I agree with everyone on this thread!!!!

Ive also had weeks of great losses then $hit losses!! REALLY bad losses like staying the same...to 0.5...to 1 pound!! really dperessing but ALWAYS making up for it the next week.

For some reason my weight is flying off me at the moment and im doing nothing different lol!!

Bodies are REALLY weird!

Im like this. Week 6 and 7 on SS were 2.5lbs, week 8 was nothing. This week I am on 810 and I dont think there will be a loss, but I am hoping and praying there is! Roll on Monday and a good outcome. I have 11 to go and want to be there in 4 weeks for my trip to Blackpool. Come on!!
Thanks folks that has made me feel better.

Thinking of it in two week cycles is interesting- never heard that before, but it makes sense.

Looking forwards to my next downward shift!

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