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ProPoints Slummy to yummy mummy

Thought I'd start a food diary as writing down every day keeps me motivated and reading everyone else's has been giving me inspiration.

So a wee bit about me: I'm 28 and mum to 2 gorge boys who I love dearly but who also wrecked havoc on my body lol!! I weighed approx 10th before my boys were born so just within healthy bmi for my height of 5ft 3.

Anyway my youngest was born early in 2010, before falling pregnant I weighed 14st 4lbs but due to severe morning sickness I got down to 12st 11lbs within my first few months of pregnancy and finally ended up back at 14st 6lbs at full term. So after baby was born my weight finally settled at around 13st. I lost weight and at my lowest got down to 11st 8lb and fell off the wagon completely this spring and rejoined my class last week weighing a shameful 12st 9!!!

So I have restarted with complete determination and focus and lost 5lbs this week!! My ideal weight would 9st 10lb and I know I can do this with alot of support and encouragement!!

I'm a total foodie so if you have any tips please share or if you see me going wrong just let me kno!!

Thanks!! :)
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Hello Whiteybitey

Welcome to the site. It really is brilliant. If you keep a food diary on here people can give you support, encouragement and tips. I love it. If you need anything I have a diary just leave me a message. Good luck:welcome::553:
Had a good day today. My weigh day is a Wednesday so I used some of my weeklies last night so started today with 29 dailies and 41/49 weeklies left.

WW toffee bar 2pp
Coffee and milk 1pp

Warburtons wrap 4pp
2 spoonfuls of quoth bolognese 1pp
1 tablespoon of extra light philli 1pp

WW crisps 2pp
Mink twister ice lolly 1pp

WW chicken hotpot 6pp
Green beans fried with garlic and 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil 2pp
Skinny cow ice lolly 3pp

Total so far 23pp

Still have 6pp left, what to have for supper?!
So for supper I had

2x meringues 3pp
Mango and pineapple 0pp
Squishy cream 2pp

Then nibbled on WW fruit pastilles 1pp

So ended the night 29/29pp 41/49pp

Will update today's later, hope everyone has a good day!! :)


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S: 16st5.5lb C: 16st0.5lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 0st5lb(2.18%)
Whiteybitey I have 2 boys as well the eldest is 3.5 and the youngest has just turned 2. To be honest I was never one for weighing myself I judged more by how my clothes felt I suppose that way I could fool myself and say oh that drier is shrinking things again... strange how mine only shrinks waists and not the length.. any hoo ...
I am now at my largest / heaviest and I can feel it.. I cant play with the kids without getting tired after a few minutes and I hate it. I don't want them being bullied when they go to school because I cant keep food out of my mouth and most of all I don't want them to grow up without me. That is my biggest fear

I cant dwell on my food choices I've made in the past only try to make good ones now. I know I'll have bad days and good ones but for my kids, my husband and for me I need to stick with this and do all I can to make sure I'm here in years to come for my family. I don't want them to think I put food before them.

I love my family and I need to love me too......

Sorry for going on so much hadn't planned it but it just all came out


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Hey yummy mummy, here to follow! Well done on ur 5pm loss, that's excellent! :) xx
Well Lou you've took the first big step by starting the diet and looking for ways to change for the better. I know what you mean about needing to do it for your kids, I feel the same I don't want to be an unhealthy overweight mum that would embarrass my kids!! This is something I need to do for myself but I know it'll benefit my whole family in the long run! Always here for a chat or support!! :)

That's a fab weightloss in 7 weeks hun!! How you finding the diet? Have you got much more to lose? Im talking half a stone at a time as saying I want to lose 2.5stone feels a bit overwhelming!!x
Well had a bit of a funny day today as work got away from me and didn't have a proper lunch of sorts but still had a good day and didnt feel hungry! So here it is:

Breakfast: (I have this about 10ish hence the crisps and chocolate!! ;))

Coffee and milk 1pp
Weetabix bar 2pp
WW crisps 2pp


Smoothie made with mango, pineapple and sainsburys frozen fruit salad 0pp
WW yoghurt 1pp
Skimmed milk 1pp


Slimfast caramel bar 2pp


2x old el paso wraps 8pp
Chicken,onions and peppers 5pp
Tablespoon of salsa 1pp
Tablespoon of finely grated cheese 1pp
Salad 0
1x potato wedge 1pp

Pudding: (all in one bowl and was lovely!!)

Skinny cow lolly 4pp
Squishy cream 1pp
Strawberries 0pp
Flake 5pp


Mini milk 1pp

Total used 36pp

Total 29/29 dailies
36/49 weeklies left!


Loves Minimins!
S: 20st5lb C: 19st1.5lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st3.5lb(6.14%)
:) here to follow x
Hi Carly and carrie!! :)

The pudding was delicious. I go to my mums for dinner on a Friday night and last night they stuffed their faces with extra thick pancakes, mackies ice cream and Belgian chocolate sauce plus flake!! Was so tempting but tbh mines was just as nice. I wouldn't normally use as many points on my pudding but the flake was just too tempting lol!!

Helping my brother in law and his wife move house today so will be busy, just going to make sure I keep plenty of WW friendly food in my bag so I'm not tempted at tea break time!! Altho I will be getting a chinese for dinner tonight but think that's well deserved!! ;)



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S: 13st1lb C: 12st9.4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27 Loss: 0st5.6lb(3.06%)
Hiya again

Can't believe skinny cow ice-pops are only 2pp. Will be buying them next week.

Hope you have a good day and enjoy your chinese x
Well suffice to say I'm absolutely shattered after my stint as a removal man lol but diet wise u think I did pretty good!!


Coffee with milk 1pp
Weetabix bar 2pp

Lunch: (more snacks as so busy!!)

Melon 0pp
Snack a jacks curls 2pp
WW toffee bar 2pp


Marshmallows 2pp


Chicken chow mien 15pp
Prawn crackers 8pp
1/2 bottle of Rose wine 10pp
Skinny cow ice lolly 2pp

I've really over estimated with the chow mien compared to the points WW says in their books but I'd rather err on the side of caution than run lower!

Total today: 44 (bit scary!!)

29/29 dailies
21/49 weeklies left

Hope everyone had a nice day!! :)
Another good day today full of yummy food!! I do genuinely think I eat better and enjoy my food so much more when I'm on plan!! I actually resisted a burger king today that my 2 boys and daddy had, how angelic am I?! So today:

Breakfast: (mid morning again!)

Black coffee 0pp
WW toffee bar 2pp
Snack a jack curls 2pp


Homemade cream of mushroom soup 1pp
3x ryvita thins 2pp
Mini milk ice lolly 1pp
Weetabix bar 2pp

Dinner: (still cooking can't wait mmmm!!)

Chicken stuffed with haggis 7pp
Peppercorn sauce 2pp
Roasted butternut squash and red onion 0pp
Steamed Broccoli and carrot 0pp
Glass of Rose wine 4pp

Followed by:
Skinny cow ice lolly 2pp
Strawberries and grapes 0pp
Squishy cream 1pp

Total so far 26pp

Leaves 3pp that I may not touch and still 21/49 weeklies left! Really hoping for a loss this week, if I get 2lbs thats my first silver 7 since rejoining!!

Hope everyones had a lovely weekend so far!! :)

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