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Smashed my goal 6st 24 weeks But going to lose more, NEW Pics included !

Discussion in 'CD Inspirational Photos' started by angelupnorth, 18 August 2012 Social URL.

  1. angelupnorth

    angelupnorth Well-Known Member

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy Today I officially broke through my 6 stone goal and have increased it by another STONE Currently 10st 13 and want to now get to 10 st 3 MY ORIGIONAL goal was 11.3 me 18 Aug 10st 13 ( 2012 ).jpg me 18 Aug 2012 10st 13.jpg Today 10st 13, Size 12 jeans woop woop ! hen 4.jpg Me in the pink wig last weekend for my hen weekend. fat me !.jpg ME AT THE START ! 24 weeks ago 17 stone 3 !
    Last edited: 24 November 2014
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  3. Nomore

    Nomore Well-Known Member

    Oh my god you look totally amazing what an inspiration :) you look years younger. Hope your very proud I think your fantastic you have done so well. Very very well done :) :)
  4. hellokitty80

    hellokitty80 New Member

    Wow! What an inspiration. Im nearly 17 stone myself!
    Fo u mind if i ask if u hadoose skin? Im worried i will. You look fab hun x
  5. angelupnorth

    angelupnorth Well-Known Member

    Hi there
    I have a little but not as much as I thought I would. I
    m 5ft 7 so I guess if I were shorter it may be worse. I have thought about a tummy tuck but Its not as bad as I thought so may not bother. The skin takes around a year to settle so I guess after Xmas I will see how I feel x x x
  6. Strawberry Madness

    Strawberry Madness Well-Known Member


    Amazing transformation you look absolutely beautiful
  7. Chunky Dunk

    Chunky Dunk Well-Known Member

    Wow, what a difference. You look incredible! X
  8. twobirdsandabiscuit

    twobirdsandabiscuit Well-Known Member

    A-MAZ-ING!! xx
  9. Kazzie1227

    Kazzie1227 Well-Known Member

    Well done!!!!! Thats awesome...such an inspiration to us new dieters
  10. angelupnorth

    angelupnorth Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all of your kind words. When I look at my " old " photos it even amazes me lol.

    Best thing I have EVER done.

    Good luck to everyone just starting their journey, Im in it for the long haul so any questions just ask. We're all a friendly bunch on here x x x
  11. angie-bum

    angie-bum Well-Known Member

  12. swivlehips

    swivlehips Well-Known Member

    well done you look fabulous seeing your pics i am going to stick to it better than i have been xx
  13. Lemai

    Lemai Well-Known Member

    You absolute hero!
    well done!
    You look outstanding xxxx
  14. Little_Ali

    Little_Ali Well-Known Member

    OMG awesome pics. Congrats! You look good. Hope your jumping up and down and feeling great.

    Thanks for the inspiration & motivation.
  15. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Well-Known Member

    Congrats hun you look faboulous. xx
  16. Jennah

    Jennah Well-Known Member

    You are inspiring. It just goes to show what determination can do. Lovely seeing this.
  17. zoe x

    zoe x Member

    omg u must be sooooo happy!! uve done so well!! i really wish id started sooner :sigh: im hopin to lose 4 stone in my first 12 weeks... well done again u look fantastic xx
  18. shazzy_shaz

    shazzy_shaz Well-Known Member

    Lady you are incredible! I can't believe you've lost all that weight in such a short amount of time what an inspiration! You're a knockout lady... You've even got that tell tale skinny biatch gap in between the legs and are those skinny jeans you have on? You've done it girl!! Well done! :D Xx
  19. angelupnorth

    angelupnorth Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone !

    It's amazing just how much can be achieved in a short time. In theory it's the easiest diet ever. 3 products per day, unlimited water and green tea :)

    How hard can it be . . . . . . . . Jeeeeeeeez if only !

    At times it has been very hard but each time the scales go down its another boost and another step to goal.

    If I can do it anyone can, keep up the good work girls.

    Cambridge is about making a choice, if we want to lose weight stick to plan and it will drop off. That's the best way for me to look at it and I remind myself that this is what I chose, if I want to eat I could but I chose not to and everyday I feel stronger about my " choice " not to cheat

    x x x
  20. winterbride

    winterbride Active Member

    Wow fantastic results, a lobely bride to be x
  21. winterbride

    winterbride Active Member

    * lovely

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