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Smelling food!!

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As a mother to fairly young children, I quite often have to open packets on chocolate bars etc :sigh: Now, I know I may sound a bit nuts, but I find that smelling the food gives me some weird relief from the cravings that I have for it! :eek: Does anyone else do this? Or am I really just the nutty Irish gal that my friends think I am!! :silly:
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I hope you are not mad as I do the exactly same thing! I have really got into cooking and being around food knowing I'm not tempted makes me feel impowered or I am trying to punish myself lol
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a lot of people do but for some reason it doesnt help me at all it just makes me feel hungrier
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don't you find the choc bars smell even more sweet and sugary now you are't eating them
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Tell me about it my boss come back from his holiday and bought me a massive bar of spanish chocolate! As he doesn't know I'm on this diet he was surprised I didn't scoff it down in 2 minutes like I would normally do. I just said thanks I will have it later. It took all my willpower and it is still in my drawer at work under lock and key!!!


One last chance
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OMG my little sis is exactly the same! LOL I wish I was like that.
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I will have it when I'm a thin gorgeous girl!!! lol


I will be skinny again!!!
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lol something to look forward to any way :) lol

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
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i keep going into my kitchen and into the bread bin and sniffing the bread!!! i just crave the smell of bread so badly its crazy but get really pleased with my self cos i can put it back without eating it!!
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I totally agree with you sniffing food is lovely staves of the cravings


My husband = My hero
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I sniff EVERYTHING!!! so much so i will just casually take something off my OH, sniff it and hand it back, an neither of us so much as blinks haha

i think if its their u can resist, its when the house is empty u want to munch..



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i do the exact same! i sniff absolutly everything!
my bf says it cant help but sure enough it does!!!!!!!!
i close my eyes, smell it - think of how hard i am working on LT and walk away! :D craving over!

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