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Smelly breath and Worcester/ WMids CD'ers !!

Well my CDC welcomed me back at 21 stone 6lbs.

Still I'm not gonna get upset about that cos I will never, never, never be 21 stone 6lbs again in my life, unless I'm 10 stone in weight and carrying 11 stone 6lbs worth of size 10-12 clothes to the paying till in the shopping ctr!!! :)

I have bought the LL mag for a bit of inspiration but my CDC also showed me her CDC mag which is great. I forgot to ask her how I get hold of one as it says "£1 where sold" on the front cover, but i have never seen it in newsagents etc, so presume I just buy it when I get my packs.

I feel all boosted up and ready to go, have even treated myself to a nice new posh hand blender.

Have had my first shake and feel full of energy, but not looking forward to the smelly breath, don't think my OH will wanna be near me by Sunday:p. Does anyone have any solutions for non smelly breath other than brushing my teeth every 30 mins and using mouth wash?

This time I will do it. I wanna get off this rollercoaster and start living my life again as at the moment I am just existing and I deserve better.

Just wondering if there is anyone else on here from Worcester or the West Midlands, maybe fun to meet up once in a while over a black coffee!:coffee:

Shelley xx
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Hiya! I'm in that area too, just on the Herefordshire/Worcestershire border, so I never really know where to say I live :rolleyes:

You can just get the magazine from your CDC.

Best solution for the breath (other than brushing your teeth) is to drink lots of water - it really does work.
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Hi Shelley, Im in Birmingham and have lost 4 stones on cambridge so far, just started again after a 3 month break to try to get last bit of weight off.

I do cover parts of worcestershire with work, Redditch and Bromsgrove are Worcs arent they??

Anyway lovely to meet you and good luck with the diet.
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Hi shelley!

I'm struggling with the bad breath situation! I can see people wrinkling up their noses when I'm talking to them >.< I used to buy the listerine strip thingies that melt on your tongue but can't seem to find them anymore... I would also like some advice on what to do/take for this!!!

Mares xx


Taking Back Control...!!!
There is a meet in Birmingham on 18/19 April 2008..... look for it in the 'meetings and events' section on here....

Basically the 'official' meet is 3pm (ish) Saturday 19th April in the foyer of the Jury's Inn on Broad Street. A chance to chat to other people on their different plans and have a laugh.... then people go their own way around dinner time then those staying over meet in the evening for a few drinks (water or other stuff that looks like water.... vodka I think it's called...lol) and we usually end up in Flares dancing the night away!

It's a good laugh and inspirational too.... be good to see you there...
Hello and thanks for all the replies.I will be at the meet in Birmingham, sounds good to me. Thank's for telling me about it cos I would never have known otherwise, never even knew there was a meetings thread...DUH!!Anyway, have found this stuff they sell in Boots called Retar Dex oral Spray and it's really good, I would'nt bother with the mouthwash they sell as it did'nt do anything for me but the spay is great, other than that I'm finding I have to brush my teeth after each shake, small price to pay I guessShelley xx




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