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Smoked mackerel

Agghh! Was (theoretically) on Green and was going to have some of this for a HEXB with the recipe Im making for my tea. I dont normally eat fish so it was a totally new one for me, I started preparing it and I couldn't believe how oily it was! I was thinking there's something not right here, so checked the book again and it seems only plain mackerel counts as a HEX, is this right? :confused:

My smoked mackerel worked out at 13.5 syns, just for my serving!!! (75g) :eek: What is the difference between normal and smoked mackerel then, ie what do they do to it? It wasn't one of those packs with butter in or anything and I've taken the skin off. I cant BELIEVE how oily it is, I know its "good" fat but still... :confused:

Also, it's OK to take 6 syns off the 13.5 and use that as my HEXB and just count the other 7.5 as syns, right? That still takes me over 20 syns for the day tho :( Boo! :cry:
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can you change to red or EE for today? On red, smoked mackerel is only half a syn for 28g, according to my old(!) syns list...... that would put the price down considerably :)
I had an extra HEXA for cheese for lunch so that rules out EE and my recipe had chickpeas in it so cant go red either :(

Doesn't really make any difference what 'day' I call it now anyway as I've eaten it, I was just surprised at how oily it was and how many syns it was cos I don't eat fish normally :(
Yeah it was not bad, well it was good, just odd... I did 'like' it but I think cos Im not used to eating fish my brain was fighting with my mouth...! My mouth was thinking 'yum yum' but my brain was saying 'No! Fish!' It was nice if I kind of imagined I was eating salty beef or something but thinking 'fish' put me off :confused: I am just a weirdo ignore me :D I'll eat haddock and cod (for the batter! :D ) but have bad experience of other fishy things and the smell makes me puke, so it was a new experience :rolleyes:

Basically if you eat fish you'll eat this :D

Thanks for your help above btw! :)
Smoked mackerel is something I eat only once in a blue moon - I will get a craving for it, but afterwards not want to eat any more for months. I do like ordinary mackerel fillet sort of dry fried, with grated carrot salad, and poached salmon and poached smoked haddock (dead simple to do) and boil in the bag kippers..... Don't like washing the pans afterwards!!

I totally understand about the batter :)

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