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    I've been here for some days now and have seen some brilliant motivational posts on the forum. Reading peoples stats on here and seeing how they're all doing so well makes me think.. I can do that too!

    I've been up and down on diets over the past two years but have finally started a new one as of today and figured now would be the best time to start my diary.

    It's 2014... and guess what... I'm still over weight! Growing up my weight never bothered me, even through my teenage years it was never an issue to me. I was me, I enjoyed being me and I was happy. About three years ago though it started to affect me, I was crying myself to sleep, judging myself based on others around me and slowly but surely it was dragging me down. I didn't have anyone to go with me to weight loss meetings so I decided no.. I can do this on my own. Weighing in at 13 stone 8 I ordered Diet Chef and got myself a treadmill and thought this would work... I can be slim!...right?... Wrong.

    I did Diet chef for some months and sure I saw progress.. I'd managed to get down to 12 stone 13lbs. By this point though I'd been on dief chef a good 5-6 months and was going stir crazy having the same stuff over and over. It almost felt like I was punishing myself. Sadly I gave up there and then, cancelled my diet chef and didn't bother anymore...Then in the Summer we went to a family event and someone oh so nicely pointed out how I was oh so porky :sad0071: and that did it for me.. I came home, got on the scales and I was 14 stone 6! Diet Chef here I come again.. I ordered it all and within a few days the boxes of food that I ended up hating so much in the end.. were back! Before Christmas I'd managed to get from that 14 stone 6 down to 13 stone 1 and then Christmas appeared.. I'd already decided prior to the loss that I would enjoy Christmas without the diet, which I did.. and went up to 13 stone 6. After Christmas I finished of some Diet chef stuff I had left over and now back at 13 stone 1 have taken up the 'Shake that weight' diet.

    As of today 21st January 2014
    Start Weight: 13 Stone 1lb.
    Diet: Shake that Weight
    Next weigh in 28th January 2014

    Breakfast: Strawberry Shake. Had my first shake this morning at around 7.50am just before starting work. Tasted a bit powdery and if they're all like that I am thinking I may find it harder than I originally thought to keep this up. Hoping the other flavours may taste a bit better and that I may find a favourite! Have drunk 0.75liters of lemon water this morning, but still not sure if I should be drinking LEMON water or just plain water :confused:

    Shall update later with how my second shake tasted!

    Edit: I have decided to come off my shake that weight diet as of today (24/01/2014) beings I can not keep them down and it is more of a nightmare then a diet.. I've changed over to Slimming world online.
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  3. Smuffin

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    I've decided after 4 days of Shake that weight.. It's just not for me and my lifestyle type. I can not stomach the shakes, I can't keep them down :(

    I've changed to Slimming world online and will post my updates often here :)
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  4. newlou

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    Glad you're not doing the shakes! They're not sustainable. Slimming world is. Eee good luck xx
  5. Smuffin

    Smuffin Full Member

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